HZL Rampura Agucha Mine CSR: Shiksha Sambal – A Committed Project on Remedial Classes for Board Students


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A Corporate Social Responsibility Success Story of Hindustan Zinc Limite Rampura Agucha Mine, Near Bhilwara in the state of Rajasthan.

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BHILWARA (Rajasthan): Although India is one of the fastest growing economies, but socio-economic problems like poverty, illiteracy, lack of healthcare etc. are still ubiquitous and the government has resources and policies to tackle these things but there is so many challenges to implement it. This scenario has opened up several areas for corporate sectors to contribute towards social development triggered by the conceptual wave of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which is mostly claimed as an “ethical behavior of a company towards the society.” CSR has become increasingly prominent in the Indian corporate scenario because organizations have realized that besides growing their businesses it is also vital to build trustworthy and sustainable relationships with the community at large. The real social responsibility is an intelligent and objective concern for the welfare of society that restrains individual and corporate behavior from ultimately destructive activities, no matter how immediately profitable it is and leads in the direction of positive contributions to human betterment.

Taking this challenging agenda as a responsibility, the Vedanta Group launched the “ Shikhsha Sambal Project” with its fullest dedication towards the significant components of the society which are none other than the rural students who are heading towards their higher board classes but almost remain deprived from the real academic guidance and teaching facilities for several reasons. However the presence of two big conglomerates HZL and Mayur Group in this particular area has made the people aware to have their children well educated but the main problem is the limited number of High Schools which do not accommodate the aspiring students who resort to Gulabpura for higher studies.

Mere increase in number of seats in schools is helpless to cope up with the paralyzed teacher-student ratio and as an obvious note existing teachers too can not afford to give extra time to all the students. This project bears a noble objective of imparting extra educative attention in the shape of remedial classes for the students coming from the rural areas, especially for the board students because these years are very crucial for laying their career oriented foundation.

A baseline survey was done by the CSR team at few schools to identify the main subjects affecting children’s results and thereafter a pilot project was taken up in four schools in the year 2007, where extra classes were run for the earmarked subjects. CSR team engaged some teachers to take these remedial classes being many of them were unemployed educated rural youth.

This youth took up their task with full vigor and commitment, since this was a test for them to prove themselves. The result of the pilot project was extraordinary with the outcome getting improved upto 70 to 80% as compared to earlier results. In the year 2008, the project again was scaled up in ten schools and got fabulous results. Through this project the CSR team has not only improved the results of the government schools, but has also provided employment to unemployed youth. Some of these youths have emerged as very good teachers and explored a new potential within themselves which was not even known to themselves. Many of them are seriously thinking of taking up teaching as their main occupation.

As a future action plan the CSR team plans to further scale up the project in the upcoming session, and to make career counseling, sponsorship for higher education and vocational training as an integral part of this project  as a  completion of the project from education to a sustained livelihood. Surely we are not responsible for these pupils’ destiny and heritage but, we can and we will try for their bright future

The Siksha Sambal Project was launched in 16 SCHOOLS IN 2011-12. The project was implemented in close coordination with the students, and the enthusiasm of the students was also exceptional. Every fifteen days the CSR team of Hindustan Zinc would interact with the children and in cases where the teacher was not able to reach out the students, the teacher was changed. This ensured to maintain the quality of education imparted and when the board results were declared, it was the first time that the school had secured 100% result. Parents are overwhelmed. Teachers and parents acknowledge the work of CSR team with wet eyes says “HZL have come as Godly figure to our children’s life and we will be ever grateful to you for this aide”.

Last year Board results improved and reached 95% in science and 90% in Commerce stream in this year.


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