Honeywell Safe Schools Program organizes community Child Safety awareness drive

NEW DELHI: SEEDS (Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society) as a part of its Honeywell Safe Schools Program organized a community awareness drive on Child Safety this week to mark the foundation day of the National Safety Council.

The initiative has reached out to 300 people in the area during the National Safety Week.

The community awareness drive by SEEDS and Honeywell India was centred on ‘Child Safety’, with the objective of working towards child safety not only at schools but at a community level as well. As a part of this effort, the awareness drive during the National Safety Week was focussed on micro-level risks at home or within a community.

A series of activities were held throughout the week to identify local risks, resources available to address the risks and the role of community stakeholders with respect to these risks. While it was found that the risks for children vary from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, the premise of child safety within a community needs to be looked into.

Based on the outcome of the week-long discussions with communities in East Delhi, volunteers from Honeywell India also participated in the drive to work along with the community to understand potential risks. A Hazard Hunt Exercise was undertaken wherein a transect walk was held within the community.