Eco-Friendly Toilets For a Swachh Bharat

How a toilet innovation is helping save environment and lives.

India CSR News Network

NEW DELHI: India is facing a sanitation crisis, which is coupled and supported by water scarcity. According to UNICEF, around 595 million people defecate in the open in India, which is more than half the population of the country, leading to health and environment hazards.

India faces an acute shortage and mismanagement of public toilets. “Even if we construct the toilets, there is no proper sewage mechanism to support it, there is never any running water. The toilets require daily cleaning, but the maintenance never happens”, says Subha Mahajan, a local RWA leader in East Delhi.

Realising this grave crisis, A2Z group started to innovate and find a way to solve India’s sanitation problem, given the water and sewage conditions as is. After years of research and practice, the company launched the Magic Genie EcoTech Toilets. This exceptional portable toilet does not need any running water. Not only does it not require water, but it also does not need any sewer lines or septic tanks. The toilet magically cleans itself after every use, hence guaranteeing hygiene.

Compared to a conventional toilet, which is made out of bricks, the Magic toilet is made out of stainless steel, making it more potent, sturdy and also portable. Since it is completely automated, it requires no manpower to clean or maintain it. The toilet has automatic flush systems and has automatic floor cleaning too.

“I have never stepped inside a public toilet because they are so unhygienic. But this toilet is revolutionary. It cleans on its own! These toilets should be everywhere,” said Shradha Sharma, a tourist who used the facility in Faridabad.

The toilet is a true 21st century innovation that has a full app backup, which not only tells you about the closest toilet location, but also gives you 24-hour support.

“This project is very important to us given the water scarcity and sanitation problems in India. We wanted to ensure proper toilets for everyone while saving water and not compromising on hygiene. All of this is achieved with the Magic Genie eco toilets”, said Amit Mittal, Managing Director of A2Z group.

Commenting on the eco-friendly nature of the toilet the Innovation Team said, “The technology is like no other. The toilet generates its own water and converts the solid waste into fertilisers. It is fully IT enabled, like a robot and needs no human maintenance whatsoever. It is the answer to all the sanitation prayers.”

The effort has won the Magic Genie team many accolades. Other than being granted an international patent for the amazing technology, the innovation has also won India CSR Award (Swachh Bharat Samman) in the area of Sanitation and Toilet Construction in 2015 and the prestigious Skoch award for the best innovation in the field of Sanitation in 2015.

Magic Genie Eco toilets are the answer for all of India’s sanitation problems. By saving water and needing no sewage connections, this toilet has the potential of reaching the most impermeable areas of the country. 100 per cent clean, water saving, eco friendly, and portable toilets is the path towards a Swacch Bharat.