Eaton is committed to powering communities in India: Craig Arnold

Eaton announces collaboration with iTeach Schools to support English medium secondary school education among students from economically challenged backgrounds

PUNE: Power management company Eaton today announced its association with iTeach Schools to support education of students from economically challenged backgrounds, currently studying in eighth to tenth standards at the Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Vidyalaya, Mundhwa.

This secondary school supports two of the 54 English-medium primary schools run by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). Eaton’s chairman and CEO, Craig Arnold, as part of his ongoing India visit, today participated in an interactive session with the teachers and students at the school.

Eaton support to iTeach entails a financial grant, which over the next three years will cover teacher and support-staff salaries, student and staff development activities, administration and operation expenses, and a part of the infrastructure and capital costs.

Also, as part of the collaboration, Eaton employees shall actively engage in distinct volunteering activities at the school, broadly focusing on industry exposure, co-curricular activities and career counselling – contributing to the overall development of the students.

Arnold said, “Our vision emphasizes improving the quality of life and making our communities stronger. This is embedded in our aspirational goals – a key to achieve our vision and staying true to who we are.”

iTeach is an organization that works in a public-private partnership model with local government schools that cater to students from low income backgrounds.

“Pune’s education landscape for students from lower income backgrounds had one large gaping hole – among the 54 English-medium schools run by the Pune Municipal Corporation, none went beyond the seventh standard,” remarked Soumya Jain, Founder and CEO of iTeach Schools, which was started in 2015 to address this very challenge.

“In such a scenario children were left with three options – an impossible chance to get into a private school, switch to a Marathi medium school or drop out. Needless to say, the majority were forced into the third option.”, further added.

iTeach currently serves more than 1,000 students across five schools in Pune.

“We provide these children with free, quality education in English-medium from the eighth till the tenth standard and Eaton’s support to fund our operations at the Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Vidyalaya in Mundhwa is deeply appreciated,” Jain added.

Nitin Chalke, managing director – India, Eaton said, “Our support to iTeach can make a substantial difference to the students – empowering them with the required foundation knowledge and skills so that they are encouraged to pursue further education, become employable and contribute to social progress.”

“Quality education for India’s vast, growing population holds the key to unleashing the latent potential of the country. Eaton is committed and powering communities. Our efforts to support education among children from economically challenged backgrounds reflect our commitment towards powering a brighter tomorrow for the communities.” Arnold said.