CSR : Enabling through Education at Tata Motors

Tata Motors positively impacted lives of 100,000 students in FY18 through its education initiative Vidyadhanam


MUMBAI: Tupudang is a tribal hamlet, which fares poorly across the human development indicators. Six more such villages shared the fate of Tupudang in the East Singhbum district of Jharkhand.

Students pass percentage and enrolment ratios were all time low, dropout rate were extremely high and schools had poor infrastructure facility. Coupled with this was prevalence of apathy towards education in the community resulting in poor governance at schools.

Tata Motors took on itself to alter the developmental landscape across these seven villages by instituting programmes, which cater to health, education and livelihood.

To address these challenges Tata Motors adopted a holistic approach which included instituting need based scholarships for students (especially for girls); introduction of support classes to augment learning in English, Mathematics and Science and improvement of school infrastructure through basic amenities like water, sanitation and classroom furniture.

Tata Motors also started night schools to encourage adult learning. This infused interest in parents towards education. To bring in efficiency in school management Tata Educational Excellence Programme (TEEP) was introduced. TEEP follows a graded and time bound approach to management of schools thereby institutionalising better management and governance practices.

These interventions have created history on many counts:

  • None of the schools had students dropping out which was 40% two years back
  • Pass percentage of the students improved to 96% from a dismal 65%
  • Enrollment for higher studies was unprecedented
  • 100% Rate of enrollment in primary section and anganwadis
  • 1000 SC/ST students benefitted
  • 620 Adults joined adult literacy classes
  • 1542 Students attended support classes
  • Regular parent teacher meetings
  • Installation of suggestion/complaint boxes

Vinod Kulkarni, Head – CSR, Tata Motors said, “Tata Motors has always encouraged ‘holistic engagement’ with the entire spectrum of formal education – focusing on secondary education, not just on the academic but also the physical and sociological development as well as inculcation of values. Our key projects includes special coaching classes, scholarships, co-curricular activities, competitive entrance exams coaching and financial aid to students studying in premier institutes. We pay emphasis on the overall personality development of students and facilitate their mentoring by professionals from their areas of interest. This year, through our education initiative ‘Vidyadhanam’, we positively impacted lives of over 100,000 students in FY18. We sanctioned 9,612 scholarships and supported 28,078 students with special coaching. Our school infrastructure improvement initiatives continue to enhance the learning environment for the students.”

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