Credit Sudhaar Undertakes School Digitization Under its CSR


MUMBAI: Technology has become an integral part of life and knowledge of basic computer management and internet can go a long way in improving the productivity in every field. “Not only does the availability of systems and internet helps boost knowledge and productivity but also helps in improving employability”. mentioned Arun Ramamurthy, Director – Credit Sudhaar which has undertaken digitization of a school in remote area of Wardha district in Maharashtra.

“Digital learning transforms the way education is imparted. Students are bound to gain from the resources, irrespective of the level of technological integration in class rooms” mentioned Gaurav Wadhwani, Director – Credit Sudhaar.

Digitization of schools helps students and teachers alike. Both are able to access innumerable resources available at zero cost and make education interesting and effective. Multiple research evidence that active learning is more effective and the availability of computers is one of the important mediums that contributes to active learning.

Following are the details of the school that where the digitization was undertaken:

  • School Name              :           Sohamath Vidyamandir
  • Address                     :           Umari (Karanja), Wardha, Maharashtra
  • Number of Students    :           147
  • School staff                :           10
  • Facilities extended      :           Computer, projector, projector screen, printer, scanner

“This is our second effort to digitize a school in a remote area. We intend to continue with our endeavour and contribute towards the cause” mentioned Arun Ramamurthy.

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