Business cannot survive in a society that fails: Anu Aga, Thermax CSR Chair

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MUMBAI: Thermax Ltd’s former Chairperson and now CSR chair – Anu Aga believes that writing a cheque is relatively easy and we have to go beyond that to ensure sustained impact. She strongly believes that Corporates need to remember that business cannot survive in a society that fails.

Partnership for Impact

In an interview to Economic Times, she said that for deeper and meaningful impact, CSR activities need to focus on long terms initiatives. It helps if a Company decides a focus area and does not spread itself very thin. If the resources of various Companies could be pooled together in partnership with Government and creditable NGOs the impact could be manifold. NGOs and Corporates can bring in quality but scale is possible only with the involvement of Government.

Have area to see a change

She said, “I do believe that CSR should be by choice but now that it is mandatory we should stop debating and take it up seriously and make the most of it.  Each Company should decide the area in which they want to see a change and focus on one or two areas rather than spreading their funds very thin. It would help if small organizations pool together their finances, find a common cause of interest and focus on it.

Personal Giving

She also feels that just because CSR is mandatory, it does not mean that professionals or owners of businesses should stop giving from their personal funds. India has several problems and needs help from CSR and from personal giving.

She emphasised, “My last request would be not to take up CSR as a compulsory necessity or for looking good in the eyes of the public and to win awards but an activity to make a social impact. The reason for taking up CSR should be to make an impact in the social world. Corporates need to remember that business cannot survive in a society that fails.

(Interview first appeared in Economic Times)

Photo: Dasra Philanthropy Week