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NEW DELHI: Saraswati Seva Foundation, a newly established not for profit, has launched its activities with small initiatives however presents an aspirational plan in education, skill development, health and agriculture. The Foundation has begun its activities in Balia district in UP and Hyderabad under its plan to reach unprivileged in rural and urban regions.

Vivek Singh, President of SSF, has created this foundation ‘to bring in an integrated ecosystem approach of sustainable development in the regions where programmes and schemes have been delivered with only direct benefit model and not with the sustainable development approach’. Singh has served in top companies in India and Europe and is alumni of ISB Hyderabad and University of Cambridge. He has returned to India to serve the society with a new approach of local and global understanding.

Nutrition & Preventive Healthcare Training

Saraswati Seva Foundation organised Nutrition & Preventive Healthcare training & awareness workshop at Sikandarpur on April 20, 2017 to the nursing trainees and aspirants to make career in the healthcare industry. The program was intended to empower and equip the youth to assist the community in spreading awareness and appropriate diet & preventive plan specifically for the children and women.

This program was oriented to get rural youth’s and community’s attention to the issue of nutrition & preventive healthcare solutions, and the low-cost ways they should look for in their native food-basket. Dr. Rekha Gupta, certified nutritionist, highlighted the calorific value of different food items and prescribed a consumption model for children of different age and women in the context of Eastern Uttar Pradesh’s weather context. She also shared guidelines on how to trace the early symptoms caused by nutritional deficiency and the ways to find nutritional dosage through local crops and home-made solutions. The programmed was planned as Youth Skilling and Awareness Workshop for Nutrition & Preventive Healthcare Solutions of Children and Women, with profile of almost 70 Nursing trainees in the region.

Employment and Entrepreneurship opportunities in rural retail/supply chain sector

Saraswati Seva Foundation organised retail and supply chain skilling & training workshop on April 21, 2017 in Bairiya, Ballia to the aspirants who want to make career in the Retail and Supply-chain industry. The program’s objective was to inform the aspirants of the current industry trends in India, its penetration in the rural areas and how can they envision their career path in this industry without fleeing the villages.Employment and Entrepreneurship opportunities in rural retail

The workshop was specifically focused on equipping the youth with information and the tools to take informed decision for rural entrepreneurship in agriculture supply-chain which is set to be a booming area. The workshop was completely free-of-cost for the participants. It was organised with objective of Employment and Entrepreneurship opportunities with  Entrepreneurial opportunities in rural retail/supply chain sector, and almost 34 participants joined. The program was delivered jointly by Prof. Arindam Deb (Professor – Retail & Marketing, Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida) and Vivek Singh (President, Saraswati Seva Foundation).

Health Camp

SSF organised a health camp on April 15, 2017 for security guards for primary health check up and health counseling on World Health Day. This was organised for housekeeping and security staff of few societies keeping in view that this section of the society does not give appropriate attention to heath of self and the family. The medical tests included Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, BMI measures and records of Height, Weight, Hip and Waist, followed by consultation with doctor. Urban poor and the unprivileged section have similar concerns and challenges as rural population in some of the regions in the country. This highlights the needs to organize such programs in the cities also.Health Camp

The program also stressed on issues of sanitation and self hygiene by the doctors. The program was orgnised at ‘Hill Ridge Springs’ with SSF team, 2 doctors and a volunteer team of 12 people. A total of 40 security guards and housekeeping workers, with almost equal number of male and female, participated in the camp and got benefit of the health profile testing and the counseling. The activity engaged many young volunteers and the society residents to create awareness of the health issues. Schools kids participated and also benefitted on a social bond between residents and the workers in the society.