Tesco partners with Rotary Bengaluru to launch clean water programme

Expected to impact over 10,000 lives in rural Bengaluru

BENGALURU: Tesco in Bengaluru, in partnership with Rotary Bangalore Whitefield Central, today announced the inauguration of its community-based clean water programme in Naganayakanakote, a village on the outskirts of Bengaluru city.

The duo collaborated with Waterlife India – an organisation that provides access to safe water to under-served areas. This initiative began in 2017 and is now giving the villagers access to clean drinking water. The project is expected to impact 10,000 lives in the Naganayakanakote village and surrounding areas.

This initiative assures access to clean and safe drinking water as a key focus area for the village. It can thus have tremendous impact on the health and overall quality of life of the community. This self-sustainable project will further empower communities by taking ownership of the water ATMs and giving them the power to operate them accordingly.

Through community water plants, under-served communities will gain ready access to high-quality potable water, and meet or exceed World Health Organisation (WHO) standards and Indian IS1 0500 standards for drinking water. The clean water programme also aligns with Tesco in Bengaluru’s vision to contribute to the implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of ensuring clean water & sanitation and building community partnerships for progress.

Sumit Mitra, CEO, Tesco Business Services said, ‘’Over many years, Tesco in Bengaluru has demonstrated a strong commitment towards social impact through initiatives that touch the lives of thousands of less fortunate people. For Tesco in Bengaluru, every little step makes a big difference. The water plant is one amongst many self-sustaining community projects. Our multi-stakeholder programme helps us spread the right awareness and impacts the economic health, education and productivity levels of households in the community and its surrounding areas. Our efforts towards this programme will continue and scale up further in the upcoming months.’’

With the help of Waterlife India, Tesco in Bengaluru also extended an outreach programme by organising painting competitions and quiz competitions in rural schools. These activities were critical to create awareness and boost sensitization on the merits of safe water and its various health benefits, especially amongst children who are the primary agents of change. Previously, Tesco in Bengaluru has led various preventive healthcare initiatives with a strong focus on disadvantaged communities. Examples include eye check-up camps in government schools and the facilitation of mid-day meal programmes to improve nutrition levels of school children.

Rtn. Kalpana Srilalitha, President 17-18, Rotary Bangalore Whitefield Central said, ‘’We take immense pleasure in partnering with Tesco in Bengaluru for the clean drinking water programme. Water, being a fundamental need, is a critical measure and driver of development and hence, the programme’s impact is expected to be far-reaching. The need of the hour is clean drinking water that is affordable for all, and thus leads to long-term sustainability; Tesco in Bengaluru is helping us drive this cause further.’’

The Naganayakanakote village in Bengaluru is surrounded by many larger villages such as Doddadunnasandra, Samethanahalli, Muthkur, Muthasandra, Anugondanahalli and a few smaller villages as well. The programme also aims to facilitate distribution from the Naganayakanakote hub to these villages for clean water access.