Tata Steel Employees at Joda volunteer for social cause under Tata Engage Programme


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JODA (Odisha): As part of Tata Engage programme, Tata Steel at Joda is engaged proactively in various volunteering activities in and around Joda block. The Tata Volunteering Week 6 began from September 5, 2016 and will end on October 7, 2016. On this occasion, employees and medical staff of Tata Steel are volunteering for various social welfare activities. They are reaching out to schools, community and various social organizations to connect with society at large and to develop a deep understanding of core purpose to improve the quality of life of the communities. The company is also encouraging its employees to volunteer for this noble cause and take some time from their work schedule to fulfill the core purpose of Tata Steel.

At Joda, Tata Steel has been organizing volunteering activities in various schools, villages and social organizations for children, women and villagers. Many programmes like health check-up, awareness on health and hygiene, plantation, road safety, electrical safety, counselling sessions on bad habits and education for girl child  have been organized by the company at Joda.

Moreover, employees have also donated study course materials, dental kit and football kit to various stakeholders as part of this volunteering week. Villages and institutions which have been covered in the Tata Engage programme are Khuntpani, Talat Hutting, Joda Basti, Kundru Nala, Serenda, Shankar High School, Satyasai Vidya Mandir, Azad Basti, Laxmi temple ground, Murga Mahadev temple, Bichakundi, Ward No 6, Jalahari and  Residential Bridge Course Malda and Joda. More volunteering programmes by the employees have been planned in the coming week.

More than 75 employees from various departments of Joda East Iron Mine and Khondbond Iron Mine whole heartedly participated in these programmes. So far, the programme has been able to reach-out to 2200 people of Joda and is expected to reach-out to more than 4000 people by the end of this programme.

Tata Engage aims to institutionalise volunteering across the Tata Group, in a manner whereby its efforts are invested in areas where they are needed the most and planned such that the outcomes are more fruitful and sustainable.

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