Tata Steel approves donation of Rs. 3.39 crore for supporting education for tribals

JAMSHEDPUR: Displaying a long term  association with the cause of tribal upliftment, Mr. HM Nerurkar, Managing  Director, Tata Steel, today handed over the first installment of Rs. 1.13 crore to the Director, Xavier Institute of Tribal Education (XITE) at Jharkhand, for the construction of a new campus. Constituting 50% construction cost, the  Executive Committee of the Board at Tata Steel approved a donation of Rs. 3.39 crore, which will be given to the institution in three equal installments.

On the occasion of the handing over the cheque to the Executive committee of XITE, Mr. H M Nerurkar, Managing Director, Tata  Steel Ltd said that he was extremely pleased to support the new academic building of XITE which will further the cause of education of the tribals in the state of Jharkhand. Taking education to tribal and BPL youth is a priority for Tata Steel’s community care initiatives.

Tata Steel shares a century old relationship with  the tribal community. This contribution is an extended expression of ensuring  that growth at Tata Steel is duly shared with the community. This has come as a consensus in Tata Steel, which shows the commitment towards education and empowerment of tribal.

The contribution made by Tata Steel has laid the  foundation for new college building in the campus. As XITE acquired 34.50 acres of land adjacent to the existing campus, Tata Steel was prompt to provide aid  for the purpose.

With the starting of a full fledged college, XITE  will expand its portfolio and diversify into other professional & vocational self financing courses such a BCA / MCA, B.Com / M.Com, Business Economics, Integrated Law degree and MBA. Diploma and certificate courses in Communicative English, Mass Communication, HR and so on will be offered to complement the regular academic programme to enhance employability of our graduates.