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CSR interview of R N Mohanty, Chief Executive Officer, Sightsavers

What preventive measures can be taken to combat irreversible visual impairment? It is important for us to have regular eye examinations in order to prevent...

Interview: Sita Ram Gupta on Lupin’s CSR Impact

BHARTPUR (Rajasthan): Lupin Foundation has its focus on developing and implementing a variety of sustainable rural development programmes, with special emphasis on economic development...

Lupin Foundation aims to engage 15000 farmers in bee keeping

By Rusen Kumar BHARATPUR: Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation (Lupin Foundation) aiming to create employment opportunities for 15,000 local youth and farmers in the...

Lupin Foundation to open 2 lakh bank a/c by 2020 in...

BHARATPUR: As part of the initiative in partnership with State Bank of India, the company will provide banking solutions to the poor and farmers...

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