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Rotary Karantaka CSR Conference in Bangalore on 24 Feb

BANGALORE: Rotary Karantaka CSR Conference 2018 will be held at Hotel Shangri-La, Bangalore on Feb 24, 2018. The forum is being organized by Rotary...

Fundamental Duties and Corporate Responsibility

By Rusen Kumar Every citizen has 11 Fundamental Duties towards nation as directed by the Constitution of India. The Fundamental Duties are defined as the moral...

Half of employees won’t work for Companies that don’t have strong...

BOSTON: Two-thirds of American employees feel their work and personal life are becoming increasingly blended and nearly all (93%) want to work for a...

CSR 2010 Conference in Malaysia on June 21-22

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability 2010 Conference in Malaysia on June 21-22, India based INDIACSR, promoting CSR communications in India i.e. (www.indiacsr.in) is a media...

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