Singer Biswajit presents New Fusion Number with Greek Collaborators


NEW DELHI: Biswajit Nanda is an Indian singer, based in London. He has sung and produced a number of independent songs like “Bekhud” and “Ye Saari Subahen” etc. His latest song “Ae Khuda”  is going to be released on 5th August, 2018 on YouTube.

Uniqueness of this song

Ae Khuda is going to be a unique fusion song combining Bollywood and Opera genres. Biswajit Nanda is collaborating with Greek composer Dmitry Orlov and highly experienced Greek opera singer Sunny Levi in this. This is not all. Russian sand artist Anastasia Zolotova will be performing sand art in the video as well.

Meaning and Concept

This song is a Prayer to the Almighty for peace and love. The lyricist, Sajeev Sarathie has beautifully painted a picture of deep devotion to God and the harsh reality of the world through his lyrics.

The lyrics of this song roughly translate to “Oh god, so many incarnations, so many superstitions, so many religions, but human beings still are not tired after fighting for years. You are the noor (The light), why are you so far? Please come, bless us with a true morning, establish truth, teach human beings peace and love. Let there be love and peace and nothing else. Let there be no boundaries, no hatred in human beings in the world created by you”.

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