Rise Against Hunger India continues impetus on helping hand to Kerala  

NEW DELHI: After witnessing the devastating floods in the city which killed around 400 people, Kerala is trying to cope up with the calamity. More than a million of people were displaced, and many of them taking shelter in relief camps across the state.

The conditions are still worst as after the floods, water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, diarrhoea, and hepatitis and rat fever can take over. People have just started going back to their homes but there are still many which are in relief camps. Still people are in need to get the basic necessities including food and medical care services.

Rise Against Hunger India (RAHI) a renowned International NGO has before packed around 50, 000 meals for Kerala victims. Seeing the present scenario RAHI, has again decided to give their Jhelping hand to the people in need by packaging more meals for the survivors. Not only this they are also providing a mobile health van which provides with basic medical facilities and is treating people in the untapped regions affected by floods.

Dola Mohapatra, Executive Director, Rise Against Hunger India said, “Our initial commitment was to provide around 50,000 meals. However, based on the demands we have received from various communities and partners, we have already sent over 80,000 meals. Some communities in Kuttanad region will need continued support for at least 4 to 6 months or even more.

Hence, we are now planning to mobilize 500,000 meals over the next 6 months to support people from Alappuzha abd Wayanad districts. Today, some 800 volunteers are packaging 1.5 lakh meals in Delhi that will be sent directly to Kerala.”

Other than healthy, nutritious meals, RAHI has also been helping families with the Family Support kits – essential household items like toiletry, soaps, water containers, utensils, bed sheets, blankets, that a family needs to restart their lives when they go back home.

RAHI is also organizing medical support and emergency healthcare programs with a mobile van and medical team running health camps in the villages regularly. RAHI is imparting support to small famers, farm laborers, daily wage earners, indigenous tribes who will need continued support for an extended period to get back to their normal lives.

In next 4 to 6 months RAHI plans to provide with provision of meals, family support kits, healthcare support and water treatment plants for certain villages.

Rise Against Hunger India envisages that there will be continued need for support for at least 3 to 6 months for some families.