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NEW DELHI: India CSR, the world’s leading newswire on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) will honor a visionary leader for his/her contributions to the domain of Corporate Social Responsibility in India.

The person who has been incredibly contributing to the CSR will be honoured with India CSR Life Time Achievement Award at India CSR  Summit & Awards – Recognizing CSR Innovation and Leadership to be held in Mumbai in May, 2017.

India CSR awarded Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee with Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding contribution to CSR space at India CSR Award gala night held on August 27, 2016 at Bengaluru in a mega award function.

Nomination Requirements and Criteria

India CSR Life Time Achievement Award is established by India CSR this year with the prime objective of recognizing business leader who has made extraordinary contributions to the field of Corporate Social Responsibility/or in the social development with Corporate partnership towards wider socio-economic change.


This award can only be received once a year. A nomination application must be submitted to the awards committee latest by Monday, January 30, 2017 of the application award year.


The India CSR Life Time Achievement Award is India’s most prestigious CSR award to an individual/Nominee (Citizen of India) who has:

1. An established history of distinguished service by demonstrating a consistent track record of significant contributions in the area of CSR;

2. Exhibited leadership and provided inspiration to others in the sector and positively influenced CSR on a state, national or international level;

3. An excellent record of publications including peer-reviewed journal papers, review articles and/or book writing.

These contributions may be an innovation, new knowledge, or ways to improve professional practice. Importantly, the contributions should be above and beyond the everyday and have had a long lasting impact in the Indian CSR.


A plaque. This award can only be received once. The India CSR Life Time Achievement Award to be presented annually at the mega function.

Selection of the nominee is made on the basis of the nominee’s significant, fundamental contributions to the CSR sector (whether in research, leadership, mentorship or other); the lasting impact of these contributions to the sector; and the demonstration of a lifetime commitment to CSR.

Preparing the application

Section A: Overview

Provide a short overview of the person, their achievements and the reason for the nomination.

Section B: Applicants will be assessed against the following criteria

Criterion 1: History of Service in CSRCriterion 2: Significant contributions and positive influence on the VET sector

Criterion 3: Leadership

Addressing the criteria

Criterion 1: History of service

The nominee’s history of service/contribution to the CSR sector – in particular, positions of leadership the nominee has held such as on boards or as chair of committees. Any other known history, such as participation on committees and workgroups, and any examples of the nominee representing CSR sector.

Criterion 2: Significant contribution(s) and positive impact on the CSR profession/sector

The nominee’s significant contribution(s) to the advancement of Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility practice, including teaching or training positions or programs, awards or recognition from professional or industry groups and institutions, innovative approaches to issues. How will the nominee’s story inspire others to aim higher standards in their work or to raise the communities’ perception of the CSR sector?

Criterion 3: Leadership

The nominee’s leadership in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility including, but not limited to, positively influencing policy or practice on a state, national or international level. This may include Government committees and workgroups, advocacy, senior positions, other training, mentoring or committee participation. How have they “made a difference” in some way?

Nomination Procedures

Nomination packet should include:

Each nomination should be supported by a letter of nomination, the nominee’s resume, and two letters of recommendation letters from the leaders representing various sectors, that speak to the nominee’s distinction.

Nomination letter including statement of commitment to support the award and future endeavours;

Letter of nomination. The letter of nomination should include the name, address, and daytime telephone number of the nominee; the name, address, daytime telephone number, and signature of the nominator; and the names of the authors of letters of recommendation.

The nominee’s resume should detail education; work experience; service at the district, state, national, and international level; publications; talks at conferences; and service to professional organizations.

Leaders may nominate themselves or be nominated by a friend or a fan. Any individual, organization or company may nominate.

Additional Information:

No nomination or entry fee is required.

Expression of interest can be sent at

Communication Address:

India CSR, 222, Krishn Vatika, Church Road, Boirdadar, Raigarh-Chhattisgarh-496001, India E: M: +91 – 9981099555

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