New X-Ray machines inaugurated at Tata Main Hospital

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New X-Ray machines inaugurated at Tata Main HospitalJAMSHEDPUR: Three new X-Ray machines (Siemens Multiphos 15) and three new computed Radiography (CR) units (Agfa CR 30 X) have been installed in the Department of Radiology. AVM (Retd) Dr T P Madhusudanan, General Manager (Medical Services) and Mr Raghunath Pandey, President, TWU inaugurated the new X-Ray machines in the Department of Radiology today, at Tata Main Hospital (TMH).

Out of the three machines, one has been installed at JGMH and two in the main department of Radiology, one of which in a newly created room, all of them replacing the 25-30 years old and obsolete X-Ray machines.

Follows below are some facts related to Siemens X-Ray Machines:

Siemens X-Ray Machines (Multiphos 15)

The Multiphos 15 is a high frequency X-Ray machine. It is suitable for radiography for all body parts giving better performance than conventional units at less power consumption.  Together with the motorized table (Klinoskop H), it forms an excellent radiographic system for a hospital. The benefits of the new machines are as follows:
1. Waiting time of patients has been reduced.
2. Radiation to the patients is very less compared to the old units.
3. Power consumption by the new X-Ray machines is less compared to the old units. The machine is very sensitive requiring minimum exposure factors for excellent images leading to fewer loads on the X-Ray tube & life of the x-ray tube is therefore increased.
4. Services to patients admitted in JGMH block has improved. Hospital attendants will now not have to carry the patients in wheel chairs or trolleys to the main department thus addressing the safety issues and saving lot of transportation time. 5. Overcrowding of the patients in the main department has reduced after starting the JGMH section.
6. All the 3 new x-ray machines have passed calibration quality assurance tests and are registered with Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), Mumbai.

Agfa CR (CR 30-X)

The CR 30-X digitizer for computed radiography (CR) is a compact, tabletop machine. It combines high image quality with high throughput. It provides seamless integration from X-ray exposure to visualization of images in the PACS system. The CR 30-X requires minimal space. The benefits are as follows.
1. Great Image quality.
2. Image acquisition (scanning time) is much faster compared to the old CR.
3. Sending of images to PACS is easily monitored.
4. Good editing facility is available to rectify demographic errors.
5. Very user friendly equipment.
6. Maintenance of equipment is easy.



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