Go Innovative- Go Green at Ingenious e-brain solutions

India CSR News Network

GURGAON: Gurgaon: To mark the World Environment Day, Ingenious e-brain solutions are creating inroads on its program “Go Innovative- Go Green”.

This programme relies on involving more/ all employees in taking an associate initiative towards the sustainability of environment. As an example, staff decided to come altogether in green attire along with an innovative image or video to promote the theme of the workplace.

Along with, lists of initiatives were taken to maintain sustainability. A presentation forecasting the view to save environment by technology expert was also presented.

• Say Bye to Plastic- We’ve initiated no more plastics and it’s assured that no plastic thing is entertained in office premises.
• Paper less interviews- The HR team has promoted paper less interviews to initiate the decrease in degradation of trees.
• Recycling and Reusability- Reusable glasses are promoted so as to scale back energy and reuse/ recycle resources.
• No print day- The Company has decided to go paperless on Thursdays which means no printouts to be made for the particular day every week.

As discussed, anybody in the office premises caught breaking the above measures, to promote a clean and green environment, will be penalised.

A meeting was organized to mark the occasion. Addressing the gathering, our very promising director, Deepti said “We ought to keep the environment clean and green for a healthy society”. She asked for cooperation of all employees, workers and community members for making Ingenious e-brain solutions clean and green.

“Our dedicated team took part in the company’s very own defined theme- “Go Innovative- Go Green” and suggested some of the very outstanding ideas to promote healthier environment. The most appealing ones are being shared.”, Deepti added.

1. Carry seeds of easily growing plants while travelling and throw those on the way onto the barren land to let the trees grow once the atmospheric conditions are favourable.

2. By planting cam plants more, a small step can be taken towards bio-sequestration of CO2 because cam photosynthesis relies on uptake of carbon dioxide to produce sugars. Though the uptake happens during night when weather is cool and is in limited amount, it can be used as to reduce the content of carbon dioxide in air.

3. Wasted food can be broken down into fertilizer by using right measure of oxygen, moisture and heat. This method could reduce garbage collection and would also provide a natural fertilizer.

There is a lot more to achieve but for now we can proudly say that we’ve taken a big step forward in the process of building a clean and green environment.