‘Every Chinese Wants to See the China on Top Any How’


Sushant Kumar Pandey, a Social Youth Activist, Working with Bill and Melinda Gates foundation,Lucknow was the part of “ The year of China India Friendship and Co-operation”. Sushant shares his experience  what he has learned in China.

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A trip that began as exercise to build bridges between Indian and Chinese youth, Under the leadership of  Ms. Neeta Chaudhary Secretary Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports  a 100 members of youth delegation including meritorious students, social youth activist, political leaders(Youths) representative of Panchayti Raj were selected to visit the China (Bejing,Inner Mangolia, Shenjyang) from 12-21 July ,2012 under the scheme of “ The year of China India Friendship and Co-operation:” announced by Hu-Jintao the President of China and his counter side Dr. Manmohan Singh (P.M. of  India) during his India visit this Year .

As per my concern towards community work and youth development related activities I have been selected through rigors process of selection. These visits have provided me a view to analyze the broad picture of Indian stand and future growth in comparison to China.

Our journey started with the reception party organized by the China’s embassy in India. Addressing to the Indian delegates, Mr. Deng Xijuan ambassador of China in India pointed out that this visit is very important for both countries, he expressed his wishes for the delegation to achieve a better understanding  of China and its people through this visit and extensive exchange with Chinese youths. He addressed delegation members as ‘Goodwill Ambassadors’.

After visiting the various provinces planning commission’s museum I felt that  China have left the time on back seat, they have a clear view of next 30 years happening nevertheless in our state  don’t go for constructing planning commission museum even it is almost 15 years have passed to held a meeting of planning commission committee. Their concept of cross expansion includes the development of cities with expanding to villages.

Their beaurocratics and administrative system has been structured in such a manner which makes others bound to follow and be in discipline. Behind our every hurdle in development, we always give excuse of our population , but we must know that with  holding 1.34 billion population China has the tag of world’s 2nd largest growing economy,How? We should learn this.

When I asked to a Chinese fellow that what are the key factors behind this success of the China within this span of time, he answered with full confidence that ‘Every Chinese wants to see the China on top any how’. Now we can understand the patriotism level of Chinese.

There way of manage the small single issue is appreciable for example I got to know about how they manage crowd during rush hour, they have constructed a subway so if you are in hurry you could use this but you have to pay, every offices have different time slot during which they have to close their offices so less crowd could gather at a time on the roads. Now China has provided  a milestone to grow in infrastructure field for India as per visiting the Bejing and Shenjyang I felt.

Only 10-15 years back India was leader in comparison to China but a study said that now we are three times back with them. Behind the exponential growth in Economy, Defense, Aerospace, Infrastructure, Rural & Urban development there is something which provided them support to be sustainable growth and to reach where they are, after analyzing I knew some key facts behind this and these are their major Concern for their country and language, with moving towards the development they are also concern for  their traditional practices and special attention for environmental balance which could be seen at every place of China. It was interesting to know  How they utilize the lands for the environmental balance and for economic generation as I saw from the grassland area of Hohhot city in Innermangolia.

When I meet the president of All China Youth Federation Mr. Wang Xiao (Mr. Hu jintao is ex president of this fedration) he was much impressed with India’s growth and said China is back in two major things from India one is the English and other is the Information Technology. He have shown positive interest to look forward for the youths of India specially U.P. to work together on several issues. When I told him about our youngest CM (Mr. Akhilesh Yadav) he has wished him for his bright future and hoped to work together on strengthening our relationship  by Youths exchanging programs.

I with other delegates who was from   U.P. are going to meet Mr. Akhilesh Yadav to provide him the massage of the Mr. Wang Xiao with feedback on our China visit and how the concepts got from China could be utilized for our state development.

I will also suggest him to form a youth development policy for U.P. which is not in function which would provide a successful path for youths of U.P.  As our 35% population is dominated by youths and they are the future of the country so their views and perspective on various financial issues and decision making policies matters a lot but they are not counted for which I have drafted a plan to form a policy to form a YAC (Youth Advisory Council), which I will share with CM and will suggest to construct a planning commission’s museum for U.P. too.

Last but not least I would like to give my massage to my youth friends that for our growth country’s growth is necessary and this could not be done until and unless you will not come forward just two three things if you do you are contributing in our country’s growth which is Raise yourself to fight with corruption then and there , Be morally responsible for Rural and deprives, Be Punctual,Concern for  our traditional values, practices and National Language, provide your help to system to strengthen it, help to create a better ecological balance.

He can be reached at sushant.piyush22@gmail.com.




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