CSR : Tata Motor Plants honoured with GreenCo Platinum Certification

Pantnagar Plant honoured with Platinum Certification at CII’s GreenCo Summit. Copyright@IndiaCSRNetwork

MUMBAI: Tata Motors informed that its Sanand and Pantnagar plants have been awarded Platinum Certification at CII’s GreenCo Summit 2018 held at Chennai.

It said that the Certification was based on the recently concluded assessment by a two-step evaluation process based on ten environmental parameters such as Water management and conservation, energy efficiency, green supply chain, life cycle assessment, GHG mitigation, product stewardship, material conservation, recycling and recyclability, renewable energy.

Satish Borwankar, Chief Operating Officer, Tata Motors said that this achievement is a milestone in the journey towards the vision of creating a sustainable future. We will continue to encourage our employees to contribute and continue to work towards making our world a better and greener.”

The assessors appreciated Sanand Plant for learning attitude and lauded the efforts towards various green initiatives including considerable amount of renewable energy consumption (around 30%), significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption per car, statement said.

The assessors praised Sanand plant for taking measures such as sending more than 94% of hazardous waste to cement companies for co-processing (as a fuel), plantation activities and water conservation for communities through ground water recharging and desilting of the village ponds.

Tata said that during assessment at the Pantnagar plant, the team found the plant to be meeting Global benchmarks in some of the parameters like Waste Management and Life Cycle Assessment with an overall improvement in scores vis-à-vis previous years.

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