“Corporate Social Responsibility Marketplace” held in Turkey

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CIBALI / İSTANBUL: “Corporate Social Responsibility Marketplace” organized by Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey was held on December 9, 2011 in Kadir Has University. It awarded 21 companies and 3 institutions in different categories of social responsibility.

“The event CSR Solutions Marketplace” titled “Enterprise 2023; Corporate Social Responsibility in the Republic’s 100th Year” this year, organized by the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey, took place in Kadir Has University on December 9th, 2011.

The first 500 influential companies in Turkey were evaluated by how they practiced corporate social responsibility with regards to integrate CSR principles into their work processes from the period 2010 to 2011. As a result, CSR solutions of 21 companies were invited to be exhibited and to be evaluated in “2011 CSR Marketplace”.

The Jury Awards were given to the CSR solutions that were examined by the Evaluation Institution formed by CSR Europe and various organizations in Europe focusing on corporate social responsibility.

As follows:
(1) First Price: Bakü Tiflis Ceyhan Oil Pipeline
(Innovative Regional and Community Development Investment Application)
(2) Second Price: Doğuş Media Group – NTV
(Environmental Communication and Environmental Awareness Promotion Practice)
(3) Third Prices: Michelin and Renault Mais
(Michelin– Skill and Competency Development Application)
(Renault Mais – Awareness Application)
(4) Special Jury Award: Doğuş Automotive
(Internal Social Responsibility Practice)

In addition to these awards, the Stakeholder Awards of the 700 participants who visit the marketplace and attended the event throughout the day were as follows:
(1) Unity Stakeholder Award: VİKO Electric and Electronics – Award for Strategic Environment Application
(2) Dual Stakeholder Award: Arzum – Award for Implementation of Equal Opportunity
(3) Triple Stakeholder Award: Aksa – Award for Stakeholder Management and communication

Also an individual award was given for the first time in the awards ceremony. Social Responsible Broadcasting was given to Okan Bayülgen. He was awarded for announcing a tweet that came to him during live broadcasting when the Van earthquake stroke, taking responsibility, taking action, and helping save two people from the debris rescued by the AKUT rescue team with this tweet; and for his contribution to the country with projects that influence and encourage participation, for broadcasting understanding about responsibility to the public.

“This event, organized by Corporate Social Responsibility Association of  Turkey as a CSR-Europe member for three years, is accepted as one of three most influential marketplaces in Europe. With this event, we see Turkey enter a new phase in the field of institutional social responsibility. We expect the support companies in preparing their reports on social responsibility. The companies that report their CSR practices are recognized as transparent, open and participatory ones at an international scale.”Serdar Dinler, chairman of the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey during the award function

This year’s theme of the marketplace is Business 2023 Initiative; it will support the strategies that aim to increase the employment, production and social solidarity. The idea is based on the joint ventures between public institutions, companies and non-governmental organizations to do their own understanding according to their share of contribution.

The participated speakers at the Marketplace are: Serdar Dinler (General President Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey), Stefan Crets (CSR Europe General Director), Henry Jackelen (UNDP Head of the Business Department), and Alexandra Gatto (European Commission).

Here is the Prize list:
Okan Bayülgen – Award for publishing Social Responsibility
AKÇANSA Cement – Award for Sustainable Waste Management and Communication

Triple Stakeholder Award: Aksu Akrilik Chemistry – Award for Stakeholder Management and Communication

Dual Stakeholder Award
Arzum – Award for Implementation of Equal Opportunity
Avea – Award for Social Responsibility Partnership Practice
Aviva Insurance – Award for Public – Private Sector Partnership Practice
Axa Insurance – Award for Stakeholder Communications Application

First Price
Bakü Tiflis Ceyhan Oil Pipeline – Innovative Regional and Community Development Investment
Banvit– Award for Health Awareness Practice
BOSCH Home Appliances – Award for Environmental Education Practice

Special Jury Award: Doğuş Automotive – Award for Internal Social Responsibility Practice

Second Prize
Doğuş Media Group – NTV – Award for Environmental Communication and Environmental Awareness Promotion
IBM Türk – Award for Governance and Leadership Application
İGDAŞ – Award for Sustainability Application

Third Prizes
Michelin – Award for Skill and Competency Development Practice
P&G – Award for Education Practice

Third Prizes
Renault Mais – Award for Awareness Practice
TeknoSA – Award for Stakeholder Participation Recycling Application
TTNET A.Ş. – Award for Social Responsibility Innovation
Tur Assist / Maphre Company – Award for Business Processing and the Best Including Practice

Unity Stakeholder Award
VİKO Electric and Electronics – Award for Environmental Strategy Practice
Visa Europe – Award for Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Governance
Kadir Has University – Award for Stakeholder Communications
Community Volunteers Foundation – Civil Society Transparency
BRJ – Innovative Employment Creation

Corporate Social Responsibility Association
Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey (CSRAT) has established to work on ‘sustainable development’ and ‘social success’ projects with the goals as the development awareness of social responsibility and the spread CSR awareness over national and international level. CSRAT is a team composed by national and international experts members of the advisory board who provides consulting services by taking into account the professional skills of the association or together, to the various stakeholder groups.



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