Coastal Gujarat Power’s Shiksha Sarthi CSR Project in Mandvi and Mundra reached to 13,480 children

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MUMBAI: Shiksha Sarthi Project in Mandvi and Mundra (Kutch, Gujarat) started by Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL), A TATA Power Company is very unique CSR project in its kind. The project is related to the developing reading habit through innovative library development at grassroots level. Programe is being run successfully for the last for last 6 years and impacted over 8000. Children are getting improving learning levels of children in the villages of Kutch District. Pratham Education Foundation is an implementing partner of the project.

CGPL and Pratham have moved towards a more sustainable model focusing on creating more ownership amongst teachers as well as the community members with the vision that Pratham and CGPL play the role of facilitators and monitors.Shiksha Sarthi Project (1)

In 2016-17, the program was scaled up to reach out to 166 schools 13,480 children in Mandvi Block, with focus on training the teachers on the CAMaL Methodology as well as on expanding the Science Program to more villages to target children in Standard 6-8. CGPL is also further strengthening community activities across the three blocks in Gujarat to enhance awareness about education and ensure that children are also taking out more time to study after school hours with the support of their parents, guardians and other important key stakeholders.Shiksha Sarthi Project (4)

The Library program has been in running in the Shiksha Sarthi work areas since June 2012. The Library program continues to encourage several children to take out time to read. In one of the villages, Maska, where the Library Program is ongoing, Krishnaben and Dhara Maheta tried to encourage children to take out time to read books that they would enjoy.

The objective behind starting the program was to work towards improving the learning levels of children in Mandvi and Mundra Blocks in Kutch District and try and build a model focusing on ownership at the community level so that parents would be more involved with their children’s education in CGPL’s catchment area.

(Story is based on Shiksha Sarthi Project in Mandvi and Mundra (Kutch, Gujarat), Annual Report (2015-16)

Readers can download: Overview of the Shiksha Sarthi Project (2012-2017)

(Picture: Udaan, a science workshop under Project Shiksha Saarthi)