Wonder Cement cementing India’s unity and growth through Cricket


Vivek Patni inherits the glorious business legacy from his renowned family members belonging to the house of Patnis. He is the eldest son of Vimal Patni and his ambitions for the company are no less illustrious than his father’s. He is an avid sports enthusiast with a special inclination for cricket and always stands at the forefront in Wonder Cement’s sports building initiatives.

Through these sports initiatives like the Wonder Cement Cricket Mahotsav which was recently flagged off by Former Indian Captain, Kapil Dev, his ultimate aim is to gain respect for women, bring in unity in people across all strata, empowerment for the youth, generation of local employment and encouragement of talent. Rusen Kumar interacted with Vivek Patni, Director, Wonder Cement for India CSR NetworkEdited excerpt of an interview:

What is the core thought behind this Saath7 Cricket Mahotsav? 

The core thought is to make Saath7 Cricket Mahotsav the world’s largest consumer engagement programme. We picked cricket as a way to accomplish the motive in order to make the entire action playable. The name implies togetherness in 7 overs with a 7 member team.

Vivek Patni with Cricketer Kapil Dev

Why only cricket and not any other game?

Every one loves Cricket in India. We could have chosen any other sport but none unites this nation like Cricket. The amount of acceptance this activity has in our country is massive.

One of the objectives of this tournament as you mentioned is that it is to give respect to the Women of the country. Do you think an initiative like this can help in Women empowerment?

Women have always been strong and empowered. With heights women are climbing, the future looks promising. Through Saath:7, we just give them a stage to come play with people and travel.

Any special measures through this tournament taken to empower the women?

We give bonus of seven runs for having female players on a team. Also, all-women team will be a major attraction.

How are you ensuring that youth from the poor families are also going to participate in this event?

The event is mainly targeting rural areas. First, there is no registration fee being charged. Merchandises will be provided at all levels of matches. 2 bats will be provided at Tehsil Level matches, a set of tee shirt and lower with a cap will be given at District Level, a cricket kit will be awarded at the time of entering Zonal Level and a complete cricket kit along with shoes and apparels will be provided for the Finale.

For the Finale, complete team travel will be sponsored and handled by Team Wonder which will include all lodging boarding expenses.

How is this campaign helping in generating employment?

Saath:7 is world’s largest consumer engagement campaign. At every scale of the event, skill and labour will be employed in span of 3 months. More than 300 vans are getting utilised for the road show, more than 10000 bats/balls/wickets are getting made and hence around 10000 people will be engaged directly-indirectly for organising and executing Cricket Saath:7

What are the other CSR activities Wonder Cement is involved in and how has it benefited the society?

Wonder Cement wants to promote education. For this purpose, we have adopted 20 Govt. schools and refurbished 10 Anganwari Centres. Under Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya, toilets have been constructed for students.

So far, 20000 patients have benefited from our Health & Sanitation camps.  A modern blood bank is being established at Sub-District Hospital of Nimbahera.

Under Swachha Gaon Nirogi Gaon, people are adopting better sanitation practices.

Wonder Cement has constructed community and drinking water facilities including water tanks, pipe lines & submersible pumps etc. People are happy to use roads built with the support of WCL. Solar street lightings, LED street lightings and distribution of LED bulbs in various villages are major steps towards sustainable power solutions for villagers.

So far, our Hunar Training programme has trained more than 300 women in stitching and weaving, and, agarbatti making through semi-automatic machines and computer basics. Our Hunar Self Help Group provides women various trainings, bank loans facilities & platforms for selling their products in market.

Under Wonder Green Initiative, installation of bag house, bag filters, ESP, water sprinkler systems & robotic technology has enabled the plant to be clean and dust-free. Sewage treatment plants of 15 M3 /hour and 20 M3/hour capacities have been installed. Treated waste water is reused in the power generation. WCL also contributed for Mukhyamantri Jal Swavlamban Abhiyan.

Around 112-hectare area has been developed as green belt by planting two lakh trees, shrubs & herbs and several lawns dot the township, mining & plant areas. 200 farmers of neighbouring villages are trained to take up compost making through vermicompost for organic farming.

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