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Bosch launches CSR initiatives in Bidadi

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BENGALURU: Bosch, a supplier of technology and services, has initiated socio-economic development activities, targeting women and children primarily, across 19 villages in Bidadi, Bengaluru.

The company expects the villages to witness improvement in education, agriculture and livestock development, health and hygiene, environment, women empowerment, youth development and access to potable water.

“The defining characteristic of Bosch’s social engagement program is sustainability. Whether it is our customers, suppliers or society, we follow holistic methods and offer comprehensive solutions,” said Soumitra Bhattacharya, joint managing director, Bosch Ltd.

The company is an active member of the Bidadi Industries Association.

Recognising the need for financial sustainability among women, Bosch held consultations with over 100 self-help groups (SHGs) across 19 villages in Bidadi recently.

“The company reached out to nearly 1,000 women. During these discussions, women’s developmental needs were identified. Bosch has helped develop and design practices to inculcate the habit of regular savings, while also introducing them to concepts such as internal lending, recovery of loans, getting credit facilities offered by banks among other practices,” Bhattacharya.

Bosch has also designed a capacity building programme for members of the self-help group to help them with activities relating to book keeping and audit of accounts.

Bosch is driving an entrepreneurship development programme. The villagers trained in areas relating to livestock rearing, agriculture with crop diversification, tailoring, bakery and beautician course.

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