Bajaj Electricals celebrates Earth Day

Engages with Mumbai localities to teach recycling activities that can be taken up by a common man

India CSR News Network

MUMBAI: Bajaj Electricals celebrated the 47th International earth day through a recycling initiative at Pixie Dust Farm in Bandra. The event indulged local residents alongwith D-ERT social enterprise and Bajaj employees on a day filled with useful recycling activities such as composting kitchen waste and its uses as farm manure and up cycling of PET bottles to make planters.

Pixie Dust Farm is a community farm developed in one acre plot at St. Joseph’s Convent at Bandra, Mumbai. The farm is developed by volunteers on the community along with the sisters of St. Joseph’s convent and expert guidance from D-ERT. The basic idea is to have a space to learn and practice urban farming that involves composting, recycling, upcycling waste and growing fresh sustainable foods in the city. It is at this farm that volunteers meet once a week to set up the composting project and educate people about urban farming.

CSR of Bajaj Electricals

Environmental sustainability has become an essential ingredient to business keeping this in mind, Bajaj Electricals Ltd. is very closely associated with the cause of conserving the environment for today and future generations

The CSR activities at Bajaj Electricals are guided by the 4 pillars – Sustainability, Diversity inclusion, Employee volunteering and Community outreach.

Under our community outreach program for Ensuring Environmental sustainability we under take initiatives such as solar projects, off grid lighting, tree plantation, waste management and also support education and awareness on protecting the environment and environment friendly practices