VITM to open a School for 100 non-School Going Children from the Slums of Bangalore

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BANGALORE:  The Museum School – a school for 100 non school going children from the slums of Bangalore, that will operate from Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum (VITM). The school will be inaugurated on April 21, 2012 by Ms. Nina P Nayak, the Chairperson of the Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KSCPCR).
The school will be inaugurated on April 21, 2012 by Ms. Nina P Nayak, the Chairperson of the Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, KSCPCR, The Museum School.
The Need For Museum School
The Museum School is an effort to try and fill the gap in the quality of education between a rich child and a poor child of urban India.
Education is the foundation of a country and every individual has a fundamental right to quality education. Yet there is a huge disparity between the quality of education of a rich child and a poor child in the same city. In a country that is growing leaps and bounds, should such disparity exist? Will it ever bring equality?
The Government on its own tries everything to bring children to school thru free textbooks, uniforms, bicycles, mid-day meals, but does little to retain them in school. With minimal infrastructure, almost no teaching aids, multigrade teaching by 1 teacher and rote learning, quality gets ignored almost always. Poor quality leads to poor attendance, poor retention, poor performance and huge dropouts.
What is a Museum School?

In our search to fill these gaps, we found that the Museums in a city provide knowledge and a fun filled learning environment, yet are never used as centers for regular learning. Their exhibits enable practical and conceptual learning, even for illiterate children, yet are never used as teaching aids. On the other hand students taking up Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) courses lack opportunities for practice teaching. The Museum School collaborates with Museums in a city, making them the regular school, matches curriculum with exhibits, and facilitates a practice teaching platform for B.Ed colleges. Using existing Govt. infrastructure (the Museums) as schools, The Museum School thus will be able to fill the gap by providing quality education thru quality teachers.

Where is this School?
The Museum school, will operate out of the Museums in Bangalore, starting with the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum.
The school will cover 100 non school going children from the slums of Bangalore and will operate 5 days a week and 4 hours everyday.
How Does this School Operate?

The 100 children attending the Museum school will be provided with free pick up and drop, have access to a student teacher ratio of 10:1, a nutritious snack planned by a qualified dietitian and will have curriculum that covers values, life skills, literacy, academics, arts, sports, adolescent and vocational education.

First of Its  Kind?
Bangalore, will be the first Metro to witness this kind of a school, however another NPO called OASiS in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh also operates a Museum School that started with just 20 children in 2005 and has now touched the lives of 200 working and street children from the slums of Bhopal.
How to Engage with this School?
You can join the support network of the Museum School and get involved by contributing your time, money, skills and engaging with the program to help A Child Celebrate. Join this journey of empowering children and helping them celebrate.
Bal Utsav
Bal Utsav is an initiative of Child Empowerment Foundation India, a Not for Profit company registered under Section 25 of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. At Child Empowerment Foundation India (CEFI), we are in the space of Empowerment. Through innovation and creativity, we’ve raised the bar and set the standard for what we believe is high quality in the citizen sector. CEFI’ initiatives span the online and offline space with innovative services facilitating the empowerment of Children and adding value to the citizen sector. CEFI has a strong strategy, a clear mission and a firm commitment to delivering in the space of Non Profits.



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