Training Program on Technology for Impactful CSR Project Management

CopyRight@CartoonWatch and India CSR

NEW DELHI: Many organizations are investing in technology to improve efficiency in their organisations and their programmes. Technologies is used to rapidly achieve scale, targeted assistance/ interventions, increase efficiency, better resource management, reduce project costs and improve data quality. In other words better technology would be “welfare-improving”.

Increasingly a lot of organisations are investing in technology for effective CSR project management as well. To delve further, FICCI Aditya Birla CSR Centre for Excellence is organising two days training program on Technology for Impactful CSR Project Management. The training is scheduled for 12 and 13, April 2018 at FICCI, Federation House, New Delhi.

The two days training program shall focus on different ways to collect high-quality data, orientation with digital platforms, importance and usage of digital tools for collecting high quality data, existing field challenges-manual workflows and its optimal solutions, best standard practices for field/office data management, considerations while working with the sensitive data, tips on cleaning and reviewing the data in popular software like Excel.

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