Sudhir Sinha to launch CSR Satyagrah on Gandhi Jayanthi

Satyagrah will secure permanent changes in conditions by enabling improvements in understanding & practices of Corporate Social Responsibility.


Doing good alone is not enough for being responsible.

NEW DELHI: Sudhir Sinha, Founder of CSR Inc., a CSR think thank firm will launch an initiative called CSR Satyagrah on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi birth day anniversary (Gandhi Jayanti), October 2, 2017.

The Satyagrah is aimed to meet the real purpose of CSR which is to make lasting development impacts for those geographies and communities who need the services under CSR the most.

Sudhir Sinha’s linkedin update says, “I am deeply pained to see CSR going off track in India. I am taking inspiration from Gandhi Ji for waging a peaceful war against the insincere, artificial, glamorous, and commercial approaches to CSR by launching a Satyagrah for Transformational CSR.”

Doing good alone is not enough for being responsible. Doing right is more important, even for Doing good. While everyone lays focus on Doing good under CSR, ‘Doing right’ is conveniently ignored which is what is making CSR ‘irresponsible’.”, it said.

“CSR is the present form of understanding and practices is largely found to be insincere, artificial, glamorous, and commercial.”, it added.

“Therefore, I appeal to all, who agree with me, to join the Satyagrah for Transformational CSR which is scheduled to be launched on October 2, 2017.”, further added.

Sudhir believes that a Gandhian way has a potential in bring transformation among business leaders, CSR practitioners, influencers and policymakers and then enable changes in approaches to CSR towards achieving ‘Transformational CSR Against Transactional Philanthropy.

The Satyagrah will seek companies and all those who are directly or indirectly associated with CSR to adopt and integrate STHAL principles: S – Sincerity, T – Transparency, H – Honesty, A – Accountability, L – Lasting impact.

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