Special Feature Series on ‘Safe Food For All’

    India CSR Network will start a Special Series on Safe Food For All from March 15, 2019. The series is an attempt to record Good Practices and innovation, achievements, opportunities and challenges on food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture with an eye on Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) No. 2.

    The series will be a compilation of key issues/aspects of Sustainable Agriculture, food security and nutrition in India that provides readers with credible information on Availability (quantity and quality/), Access (functioning markets and policies), Affordability, Nutrition, Safety, Hygiene and Sanitation & Stability and Environment (resilience and ecosystem services)

    There are serious issues with regard to food and nutrition security in India. These have to do with a host of concerns in areas such as imbalances in production, excessive input costs, access, utilization, transportation, storage, pricing, distribution, etc. Several experts, expert panels, consortia, groups and individuals have worked and provided solutions to many of the issues. However key problems need to be addressed on an ongoing basis. The series will address these key issues.

    Apresh Chandra Mishra, Editor and publisher of Civic Mediaworks, will lead the series.