Sector Has Always Given Extra Care and Attention Towards its Employees: Real Estate Sector

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NEW DELHI: Real estate sector is one of the biggest employment generating sectors in our country. It generates high level of direct employment opportunities at different levels in addition to stimulating the employment prospects in associated industries as well.

Due to the fact that real estate sector has tremendous potential and has extensive employment generating capacity; it is one of the biggest contributor to India’s GDP. Real estate sector heavily relies on the work force.

Manpower is one of the biggest contributor and sturdiest pillar of realty sector. The outstanding role which the workforce has played in the success of para mounting real estate segment is commendable. For the same, realty sector has always given a supporting hand to its workforce. Facilities and services are given to its employees of all classes to make the working conditions better and enjoyable for them.

IndiaCSR_CSR_Training_Workshop NewTo improve the quality of life and working conditions and to mark homage to the workers for their efforts made to strengthen the well-being of the country, Labour Day is celebrated annually on 1st May every year across the globe. Labour Day, celebrates the achievements of workforces around the world. The day was first celebrated in 1882 and since then it is officially celebrated as World Labour Day.
Real estate has great contribution of manpower in its success and growth and the place this sector has attained today is a lot due to the hard work of workforce associated with it.Workforce or human capital is the main engine of any industry or sector. Real estate sector is no exception and this is the reason that realty sector has always given extra care and attention towards its employees.

This not only helps in improving the quality of lives of its employees but it is also a great help to society too. Realty firms make constant efforts and provide facilities to its employees of all levels ranging from top and middle level to labour class to improve their working conditions and to uplift their status too.  Various realty firms organize free health check-up camps on sites for its laborers and their families.

They are sometimes also allowed to build temporary homes on sites for their stay. Schools are built to provide education to children of laboures as these lower segment people might not afford to send their children to schools. Free education and books are provided to their children.

Not just this, these laboures are donated clothes and food at times. During summers they are provided free water/fluids and seasonal fruits/vegetables to keep cool. Sheds are also built to allow them some rest during working hours. During winters blankets and woolens are distributed among workers. Raincoats and umbrellas are provided during monsoon.

Apart from this, many other facilities are given like masks to prevent inhaling dust, helmets for safety, aprons and gloves to wear while working on construction sites, organizing workshops and training sessions etc.

The manpower in offices too are given due attention. They are given facilities like bonus and incentives on festivals or on performance basis. Ladies are provided cab facilities keeping in mind their safety. Working conditions are made better by providing neat and clean environment. Many developers also give special discounts to their employees on purchase of property in own projects.

lAll these small steps and measures not only make the employees happy but also develop trust and loyalty towards their organizations. These measures help in retaining employees and building long term relationships with them. The sector would also like to express its gratitude towards its workforce for their continuous support:

Rajesh Goyal, MD, RG Group, says “Manpower is very important in real estate sector as this sector heavily relies on it. Labour that works 24×7 outside in extreme conditions like rain, heat, etc. is appreciable. Raw materials are only a basic element of real estate but the work done by labours and the way they do it is remarkable. We would like to convey our heart full thanks to the labours of RG Group whose work is praiseworthy”

Arvinder Singh, MD, Agrante Realty Ltd. says “For us, labours are the first price. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the employees working with us and across the globe as well. Without their insight, energy and continuous support, the work of construction in real estate sector would not have kick-started and neither would have reached fruitfulness”

Deepak Kapoor, President CREDAI – Western U.P. & Director, GulshanHomz says “We understand the importance of our employees and for this we always try to do extra bit from our end so as to keep them satisfied. We acknowledge their hard work and their efforts which make us stronger together as a family. Today, tomorrow and each day is their day and on this special occasion we thank them for their constant support”

Rupesh Gupta, Director, JM Housing, says; “Each and every structure that stands tall today is because of our highly dedicated labour and its expertise. We would like to thank them for their sincere efforts and thorough hard work that has allowed us and our work to be known to public. We believe in building long lasting relations with them as we all work as a team and one family”

Vikas Bhasin, MD, Saya Homes, says “A company or a business is successful only when its manpower delivers. It is a team that performs and never an individual. All the employees are precious to us and we are grateful for their efforts they put in to help us grow. Today we celebrate their success and efforts; and hope for their best in future as well”

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