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KATHMANDU : There are no adequate words to describe the Nepal Tragedy. Today we find ourself attempting to pick up the pieces of heart that have broken into such tiny shards, We’ll likely never find them all. Those who died He was one of one of the human kind . They are our truest friends. Among those was  incredible brother, a brilliant engineer, and a damn good man. We are devastated and simultaneously so deeply grief stricken.

Disasters like this are often unquantifiable, the enormity is too much to understand. Please remember that each person who is now gone was someone’s friend or relative Please remember that our time on this Earth is not guaranteed. Please tell those you love that you do.

It’s  almost  Two years since  Last  ‘daivi Aapda’ (Natural Disaster)  struck the Himalayan  State of  Uttarakhand, In the lap of lord Shiva (Kedar Dham) killing  thousands of  residents and visiting people (pilgrims) from all over India, and abroad, displacing local habitats and  animals and destroying  roads, damaging  schools, hospitals buildings, telecom infrastructure etc. Even today, wounds are fresh in our memory, pictures of gushing Mandakini  is scary & tears of victims is disturbing and take many years to get settled.

Though  the  Rehab  work is  going on in the region,  people are  still  searching  for their loved ones, local community who lost their livelihood is struggling to  revive  them even after  two years of  Himalayan Tsunami.  Govt. from respective  states  came forward to help their citizens, Non Govt. (NGO/INGOS)  also came  ahead with their  resources and supported  defined  regions & communities.

Irony is that , among all one particular community  who also lost their near and dears was ignored by both Govt. and non Govt. groups. How  many of them  died, missing is still not heard  and did not receive any compensation. That affected  community  was  daily wage  workers, labours from Nepal. Coming from bordering  state in search of better  employment opportunities , living in very difficult  and unhygienic conditions.

Most of them are  working as  road  construction labours and living in very  vulnerable conditions in  make shift arrangements on road side with & without  their families without getting basic amenities. During the  whole Relief and Rehab work, this unknown  and low paid Nepali labour (around 1500 plus) played very Important  role  in rebuilding  Uttarakhand by road construction,  hotels, bridges and schools etc. in very extreme weather conditions and circumstances.

Almost after  two years, Lord  Shiva  is again angry and has shown the power  of being a Destroyer in the  land of ‘Lord Shiva  (Pashupatinath ji)’ with massive  earth quake of 7.8 magnitude on 25th April15, killing  thousands of  people (number of them is not yet confirmed) but  increasing  with   each  word  I  write, by Shaking all Nepal, Bihar and North India, destroying many buildings, schools and  hospitals. To my  surprise like  Kedarnath shrine, Pashupatinath ji  also  remain unharmed and standing tall despite of such mega disaster.

Initially  I thought its  another  and routine  Earth Quake but with news flowing in , made us scary . With our experience to share  the pain of affected communities in Uttarakhand during Himalayan Tsunami /disaster  we wanted to  do something  for our Nepali Brothers and sisters.

After getting this shocking  news and  talking to some friends in Nepal &  taking the stock of  position in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhagtapur, Kantipur, Pokhra,  we  realised  that  people   in Nepal need our support at this point of time.

Though  Govt. of India with support from Air Force, National Disaster Rescue Force  (NDRF)  is already in action  and  have deputed  its teams there &  we at SFID (Society For Inclusive Development) would also like to  extend  our  support to friends of Nepal during this time of despair,  pain and grievances .
by sending them  financial support.

Its too early  to define our plans for them  but  with  support  from local   network partners, friends, and Network Civil Society Groups in Nepal, we can  move ahead and  extend our full support  for rescue, relief and Rehabilitation programs in Nepal. We have to show our solidarity and stand  with the strong people of this country at this hour.

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