Plant a Tree, Sponsor a Child’s Education an Initiative from Light of Life Trust



Venue : Hotel Shreshtha, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh

Date: 20 July 2012

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MUMBAI: On 5 June, 2012, the Tree Plantation Drive “Plant a tree and support a child” organized by Light of Life Trust commenced in the morning. There were some 60-70 people present, which included doctors, interior designers, architects, etc. that came to support the cause all the way from Mumbai (Approximately a 3 hour drive to and fro)

This Tree Planting initiative was part of the Anando Project and its main motive was to support a child’s education for an entire year as well as provide a small solution to the problem of global warming by planting a sapling. Hence, as each tree is planted, a child’s life will blossom as well with the gift of education.

The Anando program today supports and brings joy to over 7000 children. It mission is to Educate, Empower and Employ them and with a little bit of help from the Tree Plantation Drive, will be able to achieve  a lot more.

The event started with the Inauguration Ceremony which involved the lighting of the lamp, the distribution of flowers as a small token of appreciation and a speech by the Founder Trustee Mrs Villy Doctor, wherein she spoke about  the  achievements of  our Anando children, the synergy between planting a tree and supporting the less privileged.  She also shared her thoughts on global warming and its repercussions, hence the need to build a Green world.   And together we can achieve this.  This was followed by a beautiful welcome song by the Anando Children.

Prior to the welcome song, Mrs. Jaya Ahuja, one of the Director’s of the Trust spoke to the audience about  the significance of  cultivating a green environment and the need of the hour to support the less privileged and she signed this off with a  vote of thanks.

Next, Mr. Mahesh, one of the social workers of the Karjat Community, gave a gist of the program schedule and everyone was urged to go out unto the grounds to begin the Tree Plantation Drive. It was inaugurated by Mrs. Villy Doctor, who planted the first sapling. Once this was done, everyone was guided to their respective pits to plant their tree. The Light of Life Trust managed to plant around 50 trees, therefore sponsoring the education of 50 children in one day!  Our goal is to change 200 more lives, so we’re looking for 200 donors to make this possible.

Following the tree plantation, everyone was back into the community hall where tea and snacks were served.  Once the guests were seated, Mr. Rahul Korade, the Head of the Agricultural Department of the Karjat Community Center, went ahead with the vote of thanks and another song was sung by the Anando Children.

Light of Life Trust has also organized the Banana Plantation for the less privileged in the past and now with  The Tree Plantation Drive hopes to do a lot more.   This is an ongoing event and those interested in supporting a child by planting a tree can do so on any weekend until the 31st of July, 2012.

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