Nomination invited for India CSR Professional of the Year Awards 2018

India CSR will recognize individuals who have made contributions to CSR domain over a sustained period at leadership Level. 

India CSR Awards will recognize extraordinaire CSR professionals who have been practicing in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility/or the area of social development.

Leaders will be awarded as “CSR Professional of the Year 2018” at India CSR Leadership Summit & Awards.

Nomination Requirements and Criteria

Award Criteria

India CSR will recognize individuals who have made contributions to CSR domain over a sustained period at leadership Level.


It is an honor to be conferred on an Individual/Nominee who has been:

  • Leader par excellence in the field of CSR/Social Development
  • Demonstrating a consistent track record of Impact and helped the sustainable development eco-system
  • Has helped Non-profit, academia and conducted research in CSR
  • Authored articles, blogs, books and inspired others
  • Exhibiting leadership and inspired others in the CSR domain;

India CSR Professional of the Awards is an individual award in recognition of a person’s contributions to the CSR practices. These contributions may be an innovation, implementation, new knowledge creation, or ways to improve professional practice. Importantly, the contributions should be above and beyond the everyday activities and have had a long-lasting impact on CSR domain.

Nominees should have

  • Contributed 5-10 years sustained service to the CSR;
  • Earned recognition by other industry, training, education or employer groups;
  • General acknowledgment as having reached a pinnacle of their profession.


  1. Need to be currently working in CSR sector; and
  2. Should be permanent residents of India

Selection of the nominee is made based on the candidate’s significant, fundamental contributions to the CSR sector (whether in research, leadership, implication); the lasting impact of these contributions to the sector; and the demonstration of a lifetime commitment to CSR. 

Preparing the application

Nomination Procedures

The nomination packet should include:

  1. Provide a short overview of the person, his/her achievements and the reason for the nomination.
  2. The nomination should be supported by a letter of nomination, the nominee’s resume, with links of Linkedin profile/website
  3. Nomination letter including statement of commitment to support the award and future endeavours;
  4. Letter or Email of nomination: The letter or email of nomination should include the name, address, email/ website and daytime telephone number of the nominee.
  5. The nominee’s resume should provide detailed educational data; work experience; service at the district, state, national, and international level; publications; talks at conferences; and service to professional organizations.
  6. Leaders may nominate themselves or be nominated by a friend/subordinate or a follower/friend. Any individual, organization or company may nominate.


An application/nomination must be submitted to the awards committee by 31 March 2018 of the application award year.

Additional Information:

  • To receive more information expression of interest can be sent at
  • No nomination or entry fee is required.

Contact Detail




Email:     1.                          2.

Mobile No.:  1.                         2.

Postal Address:


  1. Bio Data
  2. Achievements
  3. Contribution to the CSR
  4. Testimonials
  5. Others

Preparation of the Award Nomination

  • Name:
  • Designation:
  • Organization:
  • Academic Qualifications:
  • Key Responsibilities:
  • Member at Committees:


  • Key CSR Project Initiated for Large Impact: (Describe it)
  • Key CSR Project Handled for Large Impact: (Describe it)


  • Talked at CSR Training/ Workshop/Conference/Summit: (Theme, Date and Venue, topic of the talk)

– National Level:

– International Level:

  • Attended CSR Training/Workshop/Conference/Summit: (Theme, Date, and Venue)

– National Level:

– International Level:

  • Qualifications Added during the Year 2017:
  • Meet/Interacted with Domain Experts/Visionary Leaders:

– India

– International

  • List of the Books read during the Year: (Title, Subject, and Author)
  • List of Regular Read Magazine, News Papers, and Journals: (Title, Subject, and Author/Publishers)
  • List of Book Authored: (Title, Subject, Year of Publication) (Describe) (Send a Copy)
  • List of the Article Published in the Newspaper/Domain website/Magazine: (Title, Subject, Date) (Send a Copy)
  • List of place Travelled during the Year for learning and acquiring the knowledge, and sharing:
  • List of Awards won recently:
  • Other contribution to Social Sector and Social Responsibility:


  1. How you help NGOs for capacity building?
  2. What you did for improving volunteerism in your company?
  3. How did you involve your CXO leadership in social development program?
  4. List the names of industries bodies or organization where you are a member of such organization: which who are working for strengthening the social development ecosystem in the country?
  5. How are networking and learning and sharing with your peer group (CSR fraternity)?
  6. List your CSR programme which you have done with organization collaboration?
  7. What is your definition of Corporate Social Responsibility: Describe in 100 words
  8. Describe how Corporate Social Responsibility is an opportunity to serve the people: Describe in 100 words
  9. What quality should carry a CSR Leader: List out the values and quality?

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