Marks & Spencer to host Human Rights Conference 

NEW DELHI: Marks & Spencer (M&S), one of the UK’s leading retailers with over 60 stores in India, will today host a conference for over 250 attendees on human rights in New Delhi.

The latest in a series of international conferences, the event will bring together a wide range of M&S suppliers and franchise partners as well as a series of multinational corporations including Coca-Cola and British Telecom, Non-Government Organisations and representatives from the Indian Government and British High Commission.

With the Ethical Trading Initiative estimating that over 71% of businesses believe there is a likelihood of human rights abuses, such as forced labour, taking place in their supply chain, human rights is the defining issue of a generation. This challenge is being increasingly taken up by businesses, as they become aware of the benefits of advancing human rights within their operations.

With increased employee wellbeing and engagement, higher productivity and recognition as a fair and trusted employer, there are both ethical and competitive advantages to the promotion of human rights and eradication of forced labour within businesses and communities.

Today’s conference is aimed at providing further information and practical tools for suppliers on addressing the complexities of human rights within business, as well as sharing experiences and insights from the wider business community.