ODC to organize ISO conference in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: 3rd Edition of “ISO Conference” is scheduled on 19th November 2011 at FAPCCI Hyderabad.

ISO Conference – 2011 , the annual event of ODC – The ISO Consultants, is being organized this year on a very relevant topic viz- “Sustainability Reporting” for “Sustainable Business Growth”. P. Seshadri, Managing Director & CEO of Organization Development Consultants (ODC) informed INDIACSR.

The conference will have 20 speakers in 6 sessions for an expected participation of 350 delegates from all type and size of industries.

The sessions would deal with topics like :

Doing responsible business (MCA)
Improving triple bottom line performance (GRI)
Energy management ( EnMs,PAT)
Risk management (ISO 31k)
Supply chain management (ISO 28k)
New food standards act
Climate change strategies ( GHG, GB, CDM etc )
The target participants are mainly management staff of industries who are responsible for ensuring sustainable business.