International Green Technology and Purchasing Conference in Kuala Lumpur


By Vijay Kapur and Enakshi Sengupta

Green Purchasing Network Malaysia (GPNM) along with the Ministry of Energy Green Technology and Water Malaysia (KeTTHA) had organized a three day conference from 15th – 17th October 2010 at Kuala Lumpur on International Green Technology and Purchasing. It also housed the largest green technology and eco products exhibition with exhibitors hailing from Japan, Korea, Europe, Middle East, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore.

Asia, being the world’s largest manufacturing hub has witnessed the emergence of green technology and eco products. Global green initiatives are launched in many countries where policies, investments and strategies are restructured to accommodate green initiatives. At the same time efforts are being made to reduce green house emissions, waste pollution and to mitigate social inequalities in natural resource consumption.

This conference was an endeavour to inform and create awareness on green purchasing and to make the environment more live able. Representatives from various countries described their effort in greening of the supply chain and expanding private sector green purchasing. The think tank present in the conference identified critical success factors that must exist to ensure the embedding of green technology in the production and supply of green products and services.

Noted speakers such as Prof. Ryoichi Yamamoto, Chairman, International Green Purchasing Network, Japan and Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich Von Weizsacker, Co-Chair, International Panel on Sustainable Resource Management provided recommendations on how to pursue green purchasing in the future more effectively.

Teisuke Kitayama, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad Abdul Majid, Managing Director and CEO of Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad and Goh Cheok Weng, Managing Director ICI Paints (Malaysia) Pte. Ltd. highlighted the new ideas and strategies that are being explored to accelerate green technology development.

The second and third day of the conference was devoted towards capacity building on green townships, green buildings, resource recovery and waste management, green financing and green purchasing. Workshops were also conducted on carbon foot print labels and carbon foot print calculations using CDM.

Expressing his views on the conference, Dr. Reevany Bustami, Professor, Universiti Sains Malaysia and Chairman CP-TAG – USM , congratulated the effort of the organizers for organizing such an informative forum, he however felt that  “the whole environment agenda needs to be complimented with the social and ethical agenda.” He further added, “in order to mobilize the green purchasing issue more policy makers need to participate in the conference so that there is a buy-in from the top management.”

The organizers were hopeful that IGEM 2010 is a positive step towards challenging yet beneficial business of green technology and would lay a foundation towards a sustainable growth.

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