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NEW DELHI: Sustainability: Meeting the needs to today, without adversely impacting the needs of tomorrow. With the vision to help maximise sustainability and minimise environmental impacts of Business, Governments and Non-Government organisations, a team of young professionals has developed a simple to understand and easy to implement management system to monitor, manage and report Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Environmental Sustainability.

GenSustainGenSustain provides business and organisations with personalised Sustainability Solutions, Software Systems, Training Programmes and Sustainable Event Management systems, with the sole aim to improve and maximise their environmental credentials. All GenSustain solutions are based on internationally recognised standards and protocols, and have been designed to provide tailored quantification of CO2 emissions based on how much Greenhouse Gases organisations are actually responsible for.

Clients are not locked into offsetting their emissions, but are helped to work towards emission reduction and individual actions, which makes GenSustain services affordable and cost effective for business and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

“Emission regulationsare being imposed nationallyand internationally, both in public and private sectors; global business operators are increasingly demandingtheir suppliers for transparency and accountability, and are implementing environmental sustainability criteria in the tender process. It is high time that businesses take immediate action to be accountable for their environmental impact; create appropriate processes and systems within their organisation to start with, and take action to reduce those impacts. No longer is an environmental statement enough, it must be backed by clear and credible information.”

–    Arshabi Rai, Marketing Head, GenSustain

All these growing environmental issues no doubt sound daunting, and challenging for many organisations, but the team at GenSustain believes,“it is simple and a logical process”. They have created a system that makes the CO2 & Sustainability management a step by step process, which educates and guide businesses through the entire process. Clients have direct access to their CO2 emission through an online platform, which helps them to regularly monitor their progress, and they receive regular feedback and personalised reports on their progress.

Eco-Sustainability management should be an integral part of everyday business operation, which in the long run helps them improve their organisation’s social image, boost operational efficiency, identify areas of high emissions and thereby reduce cost;recognise new opportunities, mitigate future risks, gain competitive edge and satisfy key stakeholders.

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