CSR article invited to be featured in India CSR Network

    Dear authors/researchers/leaders/innovators,

    Your favourite CSR knowledge partner – India CSR Network is bringing series of articles on various aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in India. The first objective of this initiative is to describe the fundamental aspects of the concept of ever growing CSR in India. The second prime goal is to bring fresh perspective on CSR and allied subjects which are in tandem with the developing great culture of CSR.

    We welcome your article/views/observations on any one (even more) theme to be selected by you among the themes listed below:

    1. How to establish a Corporate Foundation?
    2. Dose Business need a Corporate Foundation?
    3. How Corporate Foundation go beyond grant making?
    4. Does Corporate Foundation is the need of Business?
    5. CSR: Money spending Vs Creating impact.
    6. Do business need a CFO for its Corporate Social Responsibility?
    7. Finance for Corporate Social Responsibility professionals.
    8. Why you should have a social vision for your professional career?
    9. Human Resource (HR) for Social Responsibility professionals.
    10. How PR can help in achieving CSR goals?
    11. How Sustainable Development Goals are linked to Business Responsibility?
    12. How Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability are linked?
    13. What makes a perfect CSR professional?
    14. How marketing skill can complement your CSR career?
    15. Social performance = Financial performance
    16. Use of technology in managing CSR?
    17. How community becomes catalyst to business growth?
    18. Who are the CSR directors and what the role they play?
    19. Does CSR make economic sense?
    20. National Green Tribunal and Business?
    21. Society needs business and business needs society.
    22. How CSR is different from Philanthropy?
    23. How large is Indian CSR sector?
    24. What are the relations between corporation and society?
    25. Why an organization needs a CSR policy?

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