Book on Stress Management

Author: Alok Chakrawal, Pratibha Goyal
Dept. of Commerce, Saurashtra University, Rajkot and School of Business, PAU, Ludhiana

2016, Paperback; 978-93-85883-16-3, Rs. 435.00

About the Book

Stress is the greatest killer of modern times. Almost everyone is affected by it. Some degree of stress is normal, natural and inevitable in personal, family and work life. However, the quantum of stress has a direct impact on happiness in life and excellence in professional field. Being aware and careful about it can save a person from a number of problems and help to make him happy and contended.

There are evidences of happier life among people who have an understanding of stress and its possible remedies to keep it at bay. The book “Stress Management” gives an insight into the nature, types and causes of stress and discusses its possible cures and remedies. The sources of stress such as paucity of money or time, age factor, anger, poor communication, burden of studies and making of career have been critically analyzed.

It has a complete set of solutions for all categories of stressed people of different age groups and backgrounds. The book is a complete treatise on stress and no aspect of it has been left unattended to. It will surely make the readers stress free and thus enable them to lead a happy and healthy life.


1   Stress
Significant Characteristics; Some More Facts about Stress; Types of Stress; Symptoms of Stress

Part B: Stress in Life

2    Age and Stress
Less than Four Years; Four to Fourteen Years; Fourteen to Eighteen Years; Eighteen to Twenty Five Years; Twenty Five to Forty Years; Forty to Sixty Years; Sixty Years and Above

3    Stress at Home
Marital Stress; Childlessness; Children; Inference of In-Laws; Neighbours; Differences with Family Members; Extra Marital Relations

4    Stress among Students
Parental Pressure; Deadlines of Assignments; Competition for Higher Grades and Performance; Ragging
Placement; Crush; Relation with Teachers; Home Sickness; Preparing for Post-College Life

5    Stress at Work
Classification of Stress at Workplace; List of Stresses at Workplace; Top Seven Stresses at Work; Excessive Work Burden; Poor-Interpersonal Relations; Unable to Cope-up with Technological Changes; Lacking Respect in Organisation; Work doesn’t allow much time for Family; Placed in a Wrong Job; Fear of Losing the Job; Managing Stress at Workplace

6    Money and Stress
Money creates Stress; Money and Stress: Some Significant Aspects; Ways of Getting out of Stress caused by Money

7    Communication and Stress
Factors Influencing Communication and their Impact on Stress; Effective Communication

8    Stress among Urban-Rural People
Stress in Urban Areas; Stress among Rural People

Part C: Stress — Models and Measurement

9    Models of Stress
General Adaption Syndrome (GAS); Burnout Stress Syndrome; Inverted U Model of Stress; ABC Analysis of Stress; Transactional Model of Stress; Vicious Circle of Stress; The Way-out to Vicious Circle of Stress: Big Push Theory (BPT); Health Realisation/Inmate Health Model

10    Scaling of Stress
Tools for Measurement of Stress; Category A; Category B; Category C; Category D; Category E

Part D: Managing Stress

11    Time Management
How we are using our Time; Prepare Control Chart; Plan your time; Improvement in Efficiency; Do not Procrastinate; Manage Interruptions; Handle Visitors; Overcome Indecisiveness; Avoid Gossip; Delegate Authority; Avoid being a Perfectionist; Practice Speedy Disposal; Say No and Accept No

12    Anger Management
Anger is a Natural Behaviour; A Common Phenomenon; Anger may be Healthy and Productive; Anger may be a Learning Experience; People Lose their Senses in Anger;Anger may be Counterproductive; Intense Emotional Response; Artificiality in Anger; Anger is a Habit for Some; Anger comes out mostly on juniors; Anger is injurious to health; Anger is not justified; Anger gets transferred; Anger sometimes reduces Violence and Negativity; Anger has the power of Destruction; Anger is a Cyclone; Keep Away from Anger; Anger Management; Anger Management Technique

13    Keep Stress at Bay
General Ways to Manage Stress; Yoga Remedies; Allopathic Remedies; Homopathic Remedies for Stress; Diet and Nutrition Remedies; Vitamin and Mineral Therapy

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