• To be world’s largest catalyst in the CSR and allied domains by 2030.


  • To become world’s largest and most admired innovative and technology enabled news network in CSR and allied domains.
  • To become world leader in the area of people, process, technology, capacity building, advisory and consulting in CSR and allied domains.
  • To become world’s largest agent of transformation in CSR and allied domains.

World’s 2nd Largest CSR News Portal and No.1 in India

Thanks to unique content and overwhelming response of readers, IndiaCSR.in has emerged as No. 1 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) news portal in India and it has secured No. 2 position globally after CSRwire.com, according to Alexa Rankings, the most trusted web treffic ranking website, promoted by Amazon.com. Through news, views, analyses and interactivity, IndiaCSR has been providing its readers a composite picture of India CSR scenario for the last 6 years. IndiaCSR is a part of CSR India Corporate Social Services Pvt. Ltd., a leading CSR consulting company.

india csr twitter logoIndiaCSR has been pioneering in the Indian sub-continent and has gained immense popularity among CSR practitioners in India and abroad within a very short span of time. It aims to deliver ethical and honest information and covers a wide range of activities with information from national and international sources. It is dedicated to making significant contributions to CSR in India and has become the leading business network for the region.

Overwhelming Response and Reach

IndiaCSR is receiving overwhelming response from readers. The portal is being viewed by around 1 lac visitors where 50% are unique visitors. It is getting over 50 lac hits and over 25 lac pages being viewed per month globally. This is a remarkable achievement. The demand of CSR information reflects how society is taking keen interest in the affairs of the corporates. IndiaCSR claims that the CSR aspect of the organizations are the most discussed, debated and exchanged piece of information in comparison to other branch of the professions.

World’s Leading CSR News Portals and Wires Alexa Global Rankings
www.csrwire.com 1,42,615
www.indiacsr.in 22,000 (India Ranking),  2,50,000
www.justmeans.com 3,78,367
www.csr-asia.com 9,89,389
www.ethicalperformance.com 10,01,871
www.csreurope.org 13,06,058
www.csrinternational.org 14,87,757

 Alexa Ranking of Leading CSR Portals, as on May 22, 2015

A Complete CSR Informer

There is an exciting social innovation approach happening in India through IndiaCSR, which is the first and currently the only online news portal promoting CSR communication and reporting. At IndiaCSR, the definition of CSR is to embrace responsibility for business actions and encourage a positive impact on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members. IndiaCSR is one kind of social innovation platform and has a mission to support experts and organisations to build responsible and sustainable businesses. The portal does this by providing powerful opportunities for learning experience with relevant theory, frameworks and tools.

The popularity of IndiaCSR recognizes it as a gateway for anyone interested in CSR in India and rest of the globe. More specifically it is useful to the policy makers, investors, researchers, media persons, students, politicians and the common men as well. It has fast entrenched itself in the lives of young and dynamic professional readers.

Advertise in IndiaCSR and Fly High

IndiaCSR has greater audience reach and penetration and has emerged as the favourite destination for intellectuals having deep inclination and interest in CSR and its related subjects. IndiaCSR platform can be utilized for advertising and promotional purposes of CSR programmes and projects, as it ensures high return on investment in terms of visibility and reach. IndiaCSR is empowering professionals by providing useful information and helping them to get the professional knowledge.

In the CSR domain, IndiaCSR is the single largest website, active since 2009. It evolved at a time when the discussion and debate on the Company’s law was on its peak. All individuals who are looking or searching for appropriate medium can contact for articles, book reviews, interview, advertisements, advertorials and event promotions, IndiaCSR provides services at very competitive cost. So, if you actually looking for sustained promotion, then IndiaCSR is the right and obvious choice.

The CSR Mandate

The failure of corporate governance and corporate scandals, collapsing of big business houses, business misconduct and environmental issues raised a demand for CSR report and placed it as an important agent for change. Ultimately, these global issues directed a debate for CSR spending and mandate. Now in India, it is mandatory by the Law to spend certain stipulated amount of the money towards addressing social challenges and to make the society a better place to live in.

CSR Field is Large and Dynamic

The field of CSR is so vast and dynamic that it is important for one and all to remain updated and well-informed with current issues and trends. IndiaCSR believes that now CSR is an integral subject for all not just for our clients and for our partners, because we realize that CSR implementation demands information, participation, planning, resources, energy and technology to be a part of the solution. Now, CSR provides separate career option and opportunity globally. CSR is already in the process of becoming a separate profession of its kind.

IndiaCSR Dream and Action

IndiaCSR’s Founder Rusen Kumar believes that in democratic country like India, there should be an uninterrupted generation and flow of information. IndiaCSR believes in values and carries value based descriptions rather being hypothetical. We are mirroring what is happening around in the contemporary environment. We carry the dream to make India a sustainable democracy. Whenever we talk and discuss over a topic, we come closer to its real intent and meaning. We become familiar with the subject and ultimately are able to see the context of the subject in its totality. Also the hidden and unsaid, unseen dimensions. This process makes us a sensitive and responsible human being. The continuous flow of good information which carries goodness and welfare holds importance as democracy demands good and welfare sentiments. For IndiaCSR, good information is that which inspires to do good and promote and spread the good.

Sensibility Leads to Responsible Democracy

IndiaCSR deeply believes that sense and sensibility leads to responsibility. Democracy can flourish to its fullest when its citizens know about their responsibilities. The sensible levels enable us to properly understand the scenario around us, particularly society and environment. Through its portal and forum, IndiaCSR discusses, disseminates and entertains those information which inspire, motivate, to dream big and good.  This ultimately makes us a passionately democratic citizen. What so ever is the domain, there is need here for discussion, information exchange, debate and proper networking. Through these efforts and practices we endeavour and celebrate the values of democracy. We are blessed with democratic right of speech and expression that is biggest gift any citizen can get. We feel honoured and dignified while satisfying or catering to interest and curiosities of information available in public domain. IndiaCSR also fulfils the postulates of Right to Information. Good information takes time in rooting and spreading, at IndiaCSR we take this as a challenge and commit ourselves to make it possible.

The Background

IndiaCSR is being run from a small town Raigarh of Chhattisgarh state in India. It is a part of CSR India Corporate Social Services Pvt. Ltd., a leading CSR consulting company. Tribal dominated Raigarh region is an industrial corridor and the town is popularly known as culture capital of the state. It was established in the January 2009 and active since then. The website evolved and was developed here only by Rusen Kumar, an energetic dreamer youth full of vision. The initiative is funded and promoted by Rusen Kumar with the support of his friend Dr. Rana Singh, who is globally well-known academician. It emerged as a way and idea to contribute the ever changing and competitive scenario of CSR. He later form a dedicated team thereby hiring local youngsters full of enthusiasm. The team is working to make IndiaCSR globally No. 1 website in the space of CSR journalism. IndiaCSR believes in harnessing and utilizing local resources to their best potential and talent.

The Approaches

The IndiaCSR’s mission is to support and promote practitioners and organizations in building responsible and sustainable business and in this way to contribute to sustainable development of societies at large. IndiaCSR aspires to accomplish its mission through the provision of information, knowledge, research, tools and by building community of people and organizations focused on CSR. In all its activities and in its interaction with stakeholders, IndiaCSR works on the themes and issues that it has envisioned including but not limited to education, corporate governance, environmental protection, economy, stakeholder, engagement, special report, communications and reporting, global development, interactive forum.

IndiaCSR also believes in creating leaders, accelerating change, developing talent and integrating high performance teams. It provides powerful opportunities for people to experience and learn from new challenges and situations. It supports learning experiences with relevant theory, frameworks and tools, which ensures that learning is accomplished and can have application value bringing improved performance in companies. IndiaCSR is dedicated to bringing passion and enthusiasm in its approach by finding novel and innovative ways to go about our business.

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