How to write a great welcome email for your new employees

By Grace Carter

It’s important to make a good first impression on your new employees. The first couple of days of your time at a new company can really set the tone for how the rest of your career there goes. A good employer will maximize the likelihood that his or her employees are happy and excited to begin their careers by setting the tone well. Usually, this will involve some sort of welcoming email.

Writing an effective opening email is much easier said than done. Striking the balance between approachable/positive and professional/focused can be really important and quite hard to get at. But, with the right approach you can bring a real sense of positivity and precision. So, without further ado, here are a few tips for how to go about writing a welcome email for your employees.

Put Them At Ease

The interview/testing stage of the employment process can be really rigid and stressful, especially if you are on the applicant end of things. The impression that your company gives off during that process might be a tad bit frigid, in comparison with what you know to be the truth. They made it! So, make sure that they know that they are now valued members of the club and that the tricky employer-interviewee relationship can melt away into something a bit more casual and fun. Strike up this tone in your email to them and make yourself a new friend.

Set Them Up For Their First Day

There can be many purposes to a welcome email but one of the most important aspects to it is to get your new employees set up for the practicalities of beginning. “It’s really important that [for my new employees] I know that they will be all set for their big first day. This often involves giving them numbers for people they can contact, telling them who will greet them, even recommending where the best place to park is”, suggests Marie-Anne Colson, HR manager at PaperFellows. Put yourself in their shoes: what will they need to do, who will they need to meet, where will they need to go. All of these questions can be answered in advance in the welcome email.

Write It Well

Writing the email well is absolutely crucial to giving off the right impression. Sloppy grammar, spelling, syntax, whatever it might be, is going to be absolutely killer when you start your new employees’ relationship with your company and could leave them wondering if they’d made some sort of mistake. But it is so easy to mess up in this regard. So, if you think you might need some help, here are a few tools that can help you out:

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Set Your Employee Up With A Work Parent

It can be really daunting, getting started at a new company, with a whole host of things to think about and look out for as well as the social pressure of meeting a whole new group of people. By assigning your new employees work ‘parents’, people who they meet with individually and who guide them through life in the office, you delegate a bit of the responsibility of their introductory experience and help ease the social difficulties that can occur when a new employee arrives at a company.

Ask Them What They Want To Know

Instead of telling them everything or hoping to pre-empt all their potential questions you should just ask them what they want to know. Give them your personal number, your skype or respond to their email. Letting them ask questions, aside from being a very practical way of doing things, allows you to come off as invested in their lives, not distant and aloof.


It’s always tough starting at a new company, but hopefully with this selection of suggestions and tips you will find a way to really welcome your new employees. Be approachable and considerate and always let them know you are available to speak any time they have any questions or problems.

Grace Carter is a tech blogger at Academized and OXEssays services. She manages blog content and covers technology and gadgets topics. Also, Grace teaches academic writing at Thesis Writing website.



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