World Aids Day dedicated to control HIV/AIDS on National Highways in India


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GURGAON: TCI Foundation, the social organization of Transport Corporation of India (TCI), celebrated the World AIDS Day at Corporate Office in Gurgaon and its twenty one clinics duly affiliated with State AIDS Control Societies (SACS) across twelve states in India.

TCI Foundation is a major stakeholder of National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) in the prevention and detection of HIV/AIDS amongst trucker community in India.

On this occasion, Mr Vineet Agarwal, Managing Director TCI addressed the gathering of corporate employees, said that new report by UNAIDS shows that countries around the world are getting on the Fast-Track, with an additional one million people accessing HIV treatment and by June 2016, around 18.2 million people had access to the life-saving medicines, including children, double the number five years earlier. If these efforts are sustained and increased, the world will be on track to achieve the target of 30 million people on treatment by 2020.

Dr Munish Chander, Head TCI Foundation said that HIV still affects specific populations disproportionately across the country. TCI Foundation being instrumental in developing HIV/AIDS control program for long distance truck drivers and allied population in India, must contribute its expertise across the nation without interruption to reduce HIV-related health disparities and focus increased attention on highly vulnerable populations like Truck Drivers, Migrants and Female Sex Workers, who are at greater risk.

HIV prevention is key to ending the AIDS epidemic among truckers and allied population and the cycle of HIV infection needs to be broken. The risk of drug resistance and the need to reduce the costs of second and third line treatments was the requirement for affected population. Dr. Chander said that more synergies with tuberculosis, human papillomavirus and cervical cancer, and hepatitis-C was the need of the time in order to reduce the major causes of illness and death among people living with HIV.

TCI Foundation unites the efforts of NACO, SACS, PSUs and Corporates of repute towards ending the AIDS epidemic on Indian national highways.

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