Way Forward to the Conference on Social Entrepreneurship and CSR Linkages

International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship and Strategic CSR Linkages held on 21-22 December 2012 in Doon University, Dehradun, Uttarkhand. The online support was provided by INDIA CSR ( www.indiacsr.in).

The Resident Director of PHD Chamber  Mr. Anil Taneja invited INDIACSR ( www.indiacsr.in) editor Mr. Rusen Kumar to form a virtual platform specifically for the way forward task force.


DEHRADUN: “Sir Adrian Cadbury, Kumar Mangalam Birla 1999, Naresh Chandra  2002, N.R.Naryanmurthy  2009, Dr.J.J.Irani  Co.Act 1956, Theses names have one thing common; They are the pioneers of  evolving the decade long concept of Corporate Governance in India and which assumes that the  “spirit of social welfare” must be inherent in the “Good Corporate Governance” ! This is the opening lines of Mr. Anil Taneja Resident Director for Uttarakhand of PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry when he introduced the chief guest, The Union minister from Uttarakhand Shri Harish Rawat in the inaugural session of conference on Social Entrepreneurship and CSR linkages organized by PHD Chamber.

The Grean Earth Alliance was a technical partner for this event. The function which fortunately coincided with the millstone of passing of the long awaited  Revised Co. Law bill 2011 on Dec.18th 2012 at 22.15, in this winter session of parliament which focuses on alignment of interest of Individual, corporate and Society.

The Co chair of State committee of PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry Rajiv Ghai  welcomed the chief guest and all other delegates and panel members which included panel members sitting on the dais in the inaugural session the MLA Shri Umesh Sharma Cow, the host and vice chancellor Doon Univ. V.K.Jain, PHD Chamber Director of states J.M.Saksena, Co Chair Uttarakhand PHD Chamber Virendra Kalra, member PHD Chamber Sh. S.P.Kochar, Patron member PHD Chamber J.C.Jain, CEO of Green Earth Alliance Anil Jaggi.

The Union Minister Harish Rawat appreciated this initiative for  deliberate on the promotion of Inclusive Growth through Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship. He pointed out that organizations like ONGC & BHEL should seriously imbibe the spirit of social welfare in its people with focus on sustainability. He categorically pointed out the need of recharging the lands and clean drinking water. He expressed that increasing the purchasing power of the deprived will only benefit economic growth and enhance  industry production. That is why the govt. has provided for the direct transfer of the cash incentives to the poor.

The host VC, Doon University VK Jain, who hails from the university of Intellectuals JNU and propagated the environmental concerns of our society. PHD Chamber Patron member J.C.Jain who is veteran Industrialist of the state, chairman of Texplas & College of Engineering expressed his support for all the efforts through PHDCCI platform.

Anil Jaggi presented the theme of the conference stating that this is important to promote sustainable Social Entrepreneurs development in Uttarakhand to deal with the issue of migration from hills.

He stated that aim of Conference is to promote Inclusive growth, Imbibe Spirit of Social Welfare in the corporate world, Promote Social Entrepreneurship through sustainable models thus reduce the economic disparity. He stated on behalf of PHD Chamber that we will deliberate on subject for 2 days with experts in area and will not stop here to make it a photo session only- way forward – a task force with 1st agenda- to plan capacity building for entrepreneurship development in MSME, 2nd Inclusion of Social Entrepreneurship as a subject in the academia curriculum with wider and important  level and further deliberations to achieve our goal to develop the hilly regions of the state.

In the technical sessions CEO & President of Patanjali Food Park said that we live the social spirit and invited all to visit the food park and experience in person.

The eminent advocate, ex secretary of supreme court and author Mr. Ashok Arora stressed the need of inculcating the emotional and spiritual values inherited from our core Indian cultural heritage.

Head Handicraft sourcing K Heblekar from Bangalore shared her success story of support system created by her for thousands of artisans and very humbly thanked the all mighty stating that with the grace of God she did not come across any big challenges and the journey was very smooth till now.

Similar success story was that of Tanuja Sharma Head CSR – CDC Jaipur keeping the interest of the women artisans. The story of development of Dhanoulty Eco Park was shared by Manoj Sharma who was instrumental in evolving and developing the village by active participation of the inhabitants of that village.

Head HSDRC, Jaipur Ms. Mridula Chandra shared their story of innovative successful social enterprise based on the concept of waste to wealth. CSR Head from BHEL Haridwar Mr.Pande told how BHEL is spending the CSR funds for the benefit of people and planet like development of water reservoir for recharging land water from the rain water. Mr. Malkit Singh from NABARD stated that their institution is now more focused on sustainable ventures for disbursement of financial incentives and subsidies.

Pankaj Sharma, AGM, SBI stated that banking is promoting the responsible banking by including the social angle in the criteria of deciding the disbursements.

The INDIA CSR, a leading and the only and largest portal on the domain of corporate sustainability and responsibility (CSR) , founder and editor Mr. Rusen Kumar who supported the conference and empanelled in the deliberations apart from on line marketing support, came all the way from Chhattisgarh to participate. He would be one of the key members in the task force for the way forward to this conference.


2nd Day of the conference was focused on the showcasing of the successful Social Enterprises and CSR linkages. President of SIDCUL Entrepreneurs Welfare Assoc. Shri Raj K Arora expressed the need of imbibing the spirit of Social welfare in all the entrepreneurs. He shared that there is need of better facilitation by Govt.  to the budding entrepreneurs like he was after having passed out from IIT Roorkee and with an experience of working with different big corporate. He expressed that there is  too much of formalities and hurdles de-motivated him to extended, that he once felt regretful for his decision to be an entrepreneur, but he did not give up. He reiterated to follow the China model on this.

The other successful social entrepreneurs were project by National institute of Design showcased by Ms Bindu Ranjan, where the potential of the artisans was vamped up by blending the tradition with modern technology. Russian entrepreneur in Rishikesh India, member PHD Chamber Mr. Zoran Mitrovichwho is an expert on Ayurveda and Yoga, he praised India for its Uniqueness of being World Guru. But he expressed that the potential of being the world Guru is not taken seriously here and so Govt. need facilitate from the global perspective to invite foreign customers & also investors not only in large scale business but in MSME sector as well.

Young and budding entrepreneur Ritesh Garg shared his experience of the TATA Jagrati Yatral of the budding entrepreneurs across the nation, the Scientist from Centre for Aromatic Plants Mr Nirpendra Chouhan showcased how Govt. of Uttarakhand is facilitating farmers productively  by cultivating aromatic plants on their infertile lands.

Program Head of Organic Board Ms. Binita Shah also proudly shared the support and promotion of Organic farming with market linkages. Mr. Swaran Jaggi and Mr. Manish Pania also deliberation on the possibilities of innovation. In the end Co Chair of Uttarakhand chapter of PHD Chamber Mr. Virendra Kalra invited the nominations for the membership of the Task Force as a way forward for the conference.

The Resident Director of PHD Chamber Anil Taneja invited INDIACSR (www.indiacsr.in) editor Rusen Kumar to form a virtual platform specifically for the way forward task force.

The task force is proposed to be headed by the Vice Chancellor Doon University V.K.Jain. In the evening the students of Doon university showcased the cultural heritage of India by various performances of music and dance and enchanted the guests. The show was heartening experience for all.

The conference culminated into the field visit sponsored by PATANJALY Food Park. A delegation of more than 40 members visited Patanjali Food Park which spends around 13% of its profit on CSR apart from lively hood to underprivileged, farmers, physically challenged citizens.The CEO & President-Patanjali Food and Herbal Park -Mr. S.K.Patra who also empanelled in the conference deliberations greeted the participants himself and offered a great hospitality experience on the lines of “Atithi Devo Bhawa”; The guest is god. The CEO of Green Earth Alliance Mr. Anil Jaggi would be playing an instrumental role for the way forward task force of PHDCCI.

The list of participants in the technical sessions included:

  • Mr. Anil Taneja, Resident  Director PHDCCI
  • Mr.Rajiv Ghai Co Chair State Committee, PHD
  • Prof. VK Jain, VC –Doon University
  • Mr. J.M.Saksena Director States PHD Chamber
  • Mr. Anil Jaggi, CEO Green Earth Alliance (GEA)
  • Mr. J.C.Jain, Patron Member PHD Chamber
  • Mr. Rusen Kumar, Editor, India CSR, Chhattisgarh
  • Mr. Pande , Head CSR – BHEL Haridwar
  • Ms. Mridula Chandra, Head HSDRC, Jaipur
  • Mr. Manoj Sharma, NGI &  SE Consultant
  • Mr. Vikas Sharma ACME Tele Power Ltd.
  • Mr. S.P.Kochar PHD Chamber
  • Prof. D.S Chauhan, VC Uttarakhand Tech. University
  • Mr. Pankaj Sharma, AGM – SBI – Dehradun
  • Mr. Malkit Singh, AGM – NABARD (Fis)
  • Mr. Ashok Arora, Motivator & Ex-Secretary Supreme Court of India
  • Mr S.K. Patra, President & CEO- Patanjali Food
  • Ms. Tanuja Sharma – Head CSR, CDC Jaipur
  • Ms. K Heblekar, HandiKraft Sourcing, Bangalore
  • Mr. Zoran Mitorvich, AMV Pharma, Russia
  • Mr. Manish  Pania, Consultant, Bangalore
  • Mr. Vasant Agarwal, Head Eco Max,  Delhi
  • Mr. Ritesh Garg, Young  Entrepreneur, Roorkee
  • Mr. Swaran  Jaggi. JUSWANT, New Delhi
  • Ms. Bindu Ranjan, National Institute of Design (GOI), New Delhi
  • Mr. Pawan Kumar, CEO Ajeevika
  • Mr.  Raj Arora, President  SEWA Dr. N Chauhan, Sc.-In Charge  CAP (Govt. of UK)
  • Ms. Binita Shah, Program Head Organic Board  (UK Govt.)

The Conference chief sponsor was ONGC and other sponsor included SIDCUL, Uttarakhand Technical University, THDC SEWA, SBI Responsibility Banking. The online support was provided by INDIA CSR ( www.indiacsr.in). The function was also supported by Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs; ministry of corporate affairs and BHEL. The host Doon University extended all the support in the form of logistics and venue facility.





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