Vedanta Khushi-Shobha Will Be Healthy Again


By Malti Gautam, Delhi

I have a maid working with me for the last 5 years. About 2 years back she got married soon came in family way. I was also quite happy as she gave a birth to a baby girl last year. Unfortunately, the baby was borne a little premature. I only gave her name “Shobha”. Just about 7 days back I asked my maid to bring Shobha to the house as it was her birthday.

I wanted to give her a gift , a beautiful dress. Shobha came with her mother and I was quite excited to see her. She was unable to walk though but her cute smile just took my heart away. I gave her the dress and she was too happy to receive it.

vedanta khushi may 2013Out of curiosity I asked my maid about the immunization of Shobha and polio drops. She had got done some vaccination and some were still not done. Not happy with her on such laxity I softly scolded her and took her to a pediatrician in the nearby market. Fortunately not much vaccination was missed. But the Doctor when took her weight was surprised. She was under-weight. I was surprised too.

With a little thorough check-up the Doctor informed me that Shobha is anemic and requires proper diet. She is missing nutritional diet. My maid informed that she eats something or the other so her stomach is full but that is not proper food. A one year old child should start eating roti and daal. Some medicines were give by the Doctor but important was nutritious diet.

My maid informed me that as she has to leave early from the house for the work so her mother-in-law takes care of Shobha.

I was not happy to hear all this. Why should a child suffer only because parents do not have time. I had a way out and asked her to bring the child with her and prepare her food in my house and before starting the work ensure that she eats properly.

For the past 7 days, Shobha comes to the house regularly with her mother. I have also kept some toys for her. My maid prepares food for her in my house and makes her eat. The child is happy, her mother is happy and I am happy too.

I must say, your story “You Never Know Who Needs You Where” inspired me to take care of people around me. Thank you “Khushi” I am happy to bring change in one life.

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