Vedanta focused on Safety & Health at Work

Over 11,15,000 man-hours of safety training across operations undertaken in FY2017, Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate consistently improved to 0.39 in FY2017. 320 leaders trained in ‘Making Better Risk Decision’ to conduct effective interactions on safety & identify risks at the shop floor

India CSR News Network

NEW DELHI: Vedanta, a globally diversified natural resources company, has facilitated over 11,15,000 man-hours of safety training across its operations in FY2017. The company’s Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) has consistently improved on a Year-on-Year basis over the past seven years, from 0.86 in FY2011 to 0.39 in FY2017 (per million man hours worked). Safety & Occupational Health is a mandatory module in the HR training programme and periodic workshops are conducted to enhance safety awareness and knowledge among employees and contractors.

“Zero Harm, Zero Discharge & Zero Waste are the core values of Vedanta and we are fully committed to them. Our contribution towards employees, the community, and the environment should be the benchmark for future businesses in India and across the globe. We will leverage innovation and technology, to deliver productivity with least invasive and sustainable processes in a safe environment,” said Anil Agarwal, Chairman, Vedanta.

Safety & Occupational Health are prime elements of the Vedanta Sustainability Assurance Programme and every member of the workforce is educated and encouraged to embrace safety wholeheartedly. Safety is discussed at senior leadership meetings and incidents fully investigated. The lessons learned are shared across the Group and the implementation process is signed off by the Chief Operating Officers.

The company has implemented key initiatives focused towards achieving its goal of Zero Harm. The company has adopted Experience Based Quantification (EBQ) methodology and Bow Tie Assessment to mitigate critical risks identified across the business focusing on safety & environment performance. High level of management focus has been given on implementation and deployment of 6 critical safety performance standards across the business. Vedanta Sustainability Assurance Process has aided in evaluating the businesses safety performance against the requirements of standards.

The specialised training programme ‘Making Better Risk Decision’ was conducted across various businesses for leaders in order to hold effective interactions on safety and identify risks at shop floor in a structured manner, with 320 leaders trained during FY 2017. As an effort to promote leadership amongst HSE function, 22 dynamic leaders across the businesses were identified through a structured process for the next level of growth.