V Resorts has Skilled 1000 Locals in hospitality at centralized Training & Recreation Centre in Delhi


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NEW DELHI: The company has already skilled thousands, after they are inducted, they are trained, then sent back to our 55+ properties across 13 states to put the best practices in place. Training is an integral aspect of the corporate philosophy. Through equipping the locals in hospitality, the company is able to provide travellers consistent experiences.

Today, the traveler in India is spoilt for choice when it comes to travel and hospitality, but the on-the-ground reality is different. They often face a disconnect with what is promised and finally offered.

V Resorts bridges this gap. The company’s training vertical is headed by Ajai Singh who has over 27 years of experience in operations and training with companies such as Escorts and Reliance.

He, along with the operations head, Anil Singh, also armed with 26 years of hospitality experience in companies such as Mahindra, spearhead these initiatives at the training centre in Delhi. The Chief Technology Officer, Anurag Dixit with 17 years experience with companies such as Afaqs, is in-charge of training the resort staff in technology, a very intrinsic part of the V Resorts’ experience.

The company also has on-board consultants with expertise in hospitality who regularly train staff in F&B, Front Office and housekeeping.

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