This is My Story – This is My Life

By Dr. Neelam Tikkha

I live in Karodpati gali . Bang opposite to me is business tycoon Vicco owner’s sprawling bunglow , There are many rich people like politician Satish Chaturvedi ,  owner of Baidyanath  , Coalries etc. This is a  town called Nagpur . I am the lucky one who lives , sleeps , not under a roof  , not under a tree but under the protection of God . I am strong because of the blessing of almighty . I live through all seasons under his protection.

This is the story of a poor  family . When any passers by looks at them even the toughest one ‘s heart bleeds looking at their appalling condition . Anyone will lend  help to them. But the biggest problem is can any one  help them ? The answer is a big NO ! The simple reason living like this is by choice not by force or poverty. If this family can buy a newspaper to read they can think of finding out means to come out of this misery.

Most poor people are happy living the way they are. They know living on pity of others is the easiest way of leading a life.  Indira Awas Yojna (Indira Hosing Scheme) was a big flop . Affordable home scheme which is recently launched have no takers . If poor people are given for free they sell it at a profit and go back again on encroached lands. Government sits blindly to this encroachment and when it becomes a major problem then wakes up.

These people look at life styles of others start feeling envious and get involved in crimes like kidnapping and drug pedaling. This is exactly what the family is into.

Any effort to ameliorate their condition is futile . I believe strongly they should be educated enough and  penalized if they sleep on the streets . The poor in our country gets things for free so they involve in destructive activities. They should be made to work forcibly. The treatment may sound harsh but that is the need of the hour. Gradually by means of force it will become their habit and they will get into the habit of working .

The CSR mega conference highlighted the problems faced by NGO’s  and the problems faced by corporate houses. Ina Bose gave a solution that “no one can operate solely and complete the loop”. What we see that corporate houses donate money and get a few activities done, organizations like Rotary and Lions do the same. Work is being done or numbers and medals rather than for real service.  I feel donating money is the easiest thing to do and specially  for corporate houses it is a meager sum as pointed out by  Noshir H Dadrawala , who opined that flashing of  80 G certificate by NGO’s should stop because for us it is nothing .  I believe that the work that is going on now is Human resource Management  by corporates like giving fully furnished homes for their employees , or giving incentives to them. These activities stop attrition rate and it can never be brought under the category of Corporate social responsibility as opined by one of the speakers at the conference.  According to me, if corporate houses instead of just donating money share manpower and build up base for societal service which would be a strong foot step on the right path leading to more effective community service. In fact, sensitizing corporates and philanthropists is more important than sentimentalizing the issue.

I admire the work by Rusen Kumar, Founder & Director INDIACSR who with great dedication had brought such luminaries who gave an innovative definition of CSR and set the ball rolling in a new direction of competency and success.

Conference was a real eye opener at the fallacies existent in the society.

Dr. Neelam Tikkha MBA, Ph.D (US), is the Corporate trainer (Motivation, Communication , Soft Skills). She lives in Nagpur. She can be reached at
Cell: +91-9422145467, 91-712- 2520741. Dr. Neelam participated in INDIACSR’ international CSR conference held in Mumbai on 9May 2012.