India CSR Network is proactive in its approach and brings to its audience a dedicated portal for CSR news, views and exchanges. Infact, I would say, that it is probably the only committed forum to have documented on an ongoing basis the winds of change from philanthropy to the all new structured CSR in the post mandate period in India. I wish India CSR Network all the very best.

Nayan Mitra
Author, Editor
Corporate Social Responsibility in India:
Cases and Development after the Legal Mandate

Thanks to “INDIACSR” team  for bring up the the first and presently the only, online media promoting Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability issues. It has gained a immense popularity among professionals, NGOs, donor agencies, CSR Practitioners in India and abroad. It updates the CSR issues on the daily basis and looks like a DAILY newspape on CSR. The site covers a wide range of activities in the area of CSR with information from national and international sources.

Dharma Rao Degala
Assistant Vice President – Operations
Seed CSR, 81/2, 2nd Floor, Opp STC Housing Colony
Shri Aurbindo Marg, Adhchini
New Delhi – 110017

“As one of India’s pioneer portals on CSR, IndiaCSR has been at the forefront of reporting the most relevant issues concerning our communities and areas of sustainability. The corporate world and the policy makers are becoming even more concerned about creating a real impact via CSR, and in this scenario a portal like IndiaCSR is well positioned to play an anchor role in spreading awareness and enabling impact at the grassroots’ levels.” – Dr. Preeti Aggarwal, Corporate Social Responsibility Lead, Viom Networks Limited, Gurgaon

“INDIACSR is an invaluable source of updates and information on corporate sustainability and responsibility.” -Dr Wayne Visser, CEO of CSR International (www.csrinternational.org)

“INDIACSR, the first and presently the only, online media promoting Corporate Social Responsibility, has within a very short span of time gained immense popularity among CSR Practitioners in India and abroad. The site covers a wide range of activities in the area of CSR with information from national and international sources. Through its coverage of events and activities INDIACSR most certainly will contribute immensely to make CSR in India strong and more widespread among Corporates. This is one site which no person interested in CSR can ignore. I wish the Editor and all those involved in this pioneering effort the very best.”- Suresh Kr Pramar, Executive Director, Centre for Training and Research in Responsible Business (CTRiRB ), Noida (India)

” INDIACSR is the most significant event in history if CSR in India. It focuses in all ventures all over. it is a latest update to the changes happening for the betterment of the society in sincere ethical and honest manner. Corporate Social Responsibility is an activity which needs innovation and creativity. At the same time its a new launch of old product. Peripheral development had been taken up seriously and brought about to a total new orbit. Going through this unique website has become a routine habit for me. It not only helps in learning but at the same time in monitoring my works and self-appreciation of the interventions taken up n our respective areas.”-  Harmeet Sehra, Assistant General Manager-Corporate Social Responsibility & Corporate Communications, Monnet Power & Company Ltd, Angul (Orissa) Project (India), (A monnet Group Company)

” Let me express my thanks and appreciation for the timely efforts and hard work put forth by INDIACSR Services in connection with my (Global Warming Awareness – Green Revolution) GWAGR project. We have received many compliments on our mails which in turn our project a big hit. This is all due to INDIACSR Services. Thank you for your continued help and wish to compliments your efforts. I have never seen before such dedicated CSR portal which includes daily updated news on CSR, sustainability, corporate governance and and related issues.” – Prashant Kothari – CSR Consultant
Global Warming Awareness – Green Revolution
Udaipur (INDIA)

“As a Public Relations Professional i must say INDIACSR is doing extraordinary in promoting Indian corporates. Its content and the presentation is highly appreciable. Its popularity and accessibility is growing gradually. I congratulate the team for its success.”- Bijayeeta Tripathy, ADVENTO COMMUNICATIONS, Bhubaneswar, Odisha (INDIA)

“There are very few websites which cover the reality along with providing a vast bandwidth of information about the ongoing in the CSR sector of Indian subcontinent. INDIACSR does this with elan and maintains its innate way of reporting. It is wonderful to see the commitment and dedication put in enlightening everyone about the interventions taken in the CSR sector. I highly appreciate their work and thank them for providing us with all the happenings in the social sector. I wish the team and the Founder, all the best in their future endeavors to serve the community by providing the most important thing “Knowledge”. Excellent website!” -Harsha Mukherjee, Founder and Managing Trustee, Ekjaa Foundation, www.ekjaa.org

“I think, INDIACSR has brought forward a focused attention to the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It has brought thoughts in a forum where corporate can share their role as responsible citizens and can be role models to bring society in a better shape for tomorrow.”

Jagdeep Kaur, Netherland
Vice President-Global Operations,
HR Globe Consulting