Tata Power Club Enerji Saves 1 million Units, Sensitises 9 Lakh Citizens Across Mumbai


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MUMBAI: Tata Power’s nationwide energy conservation programme Club Enerji, has constantly endeavored to spread awareness about resource and energy conservation across the country. Keeping up the momentum, Tata Power Club Enerji sensitised around 9 lakh citizens in Mumbai in 2013-14 through primary contact programme and secondary sensitisation and saved more than 1000,000 (1 million) units of energy in the city of Mumbai alone which can light up 470 houses for a year.

The units saved by the various initiatives undertaken by Club Enerji are equivalent to saving around 1000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Tata Power has undertaken various initiatives understanding the need for preserving the environment through active measures and has popularised the importance amongst citizens through rallies, batti bandhs, door to door sensitisation, and wide propagation of the 6 Golden Rules.

Speaking on this accomplishment, Mr Anil Sardana, Managing Director, Tata Power stated, “With the demand for power in the country steadily increasing and the energy resources rapidly depleting, it is vital to involve our youth, as decision-makers of tomorrow, in an initiative to avert a crippling power crisis.

Today, we are proud to reach out to the citizens of Mumbai by driving the message of energy & resource conservation. The efforts of Club Enerji are now reaping great rewards with the success of saving a million units of electricity! We would like to thank our partners, students, principals, teachers, and parents in helping us achieve this milestone.”

Igniting young minds on resource conservation, Tata Power aims to provide a platform for all communities in the society to share and expand their understanding, and bring about a chain-reaction that can significantly reduce wastage of energy in the country.

The program consists of four phases – ‘Educate, Enhance, Engage, and Empower.’ More than 400 enthusiastic schools are currently members and have pledged their continuing commitment to this cause.

Tata Power’s ‘Energy Conservation Programme’ introduced in more than 200 schools in the city, aims at creating maximum impact by educating and creating awareness amongst people on the effective management and conservation of energy in our everyday life.

Club Enerji also encourages students to form their own mini clubs in their schools and societies to reach out to more citizens.

The Club members have collectively saved 8.7 million units of electricity and sensitized more than 5.2 million (52 lakh) citizens across the nation.

This saving is equivalent to saving 8,700 tonnes of CO2 and is enough to light up approximately 4,090 houses for a year. Tata Power has added a feather to its cap by organizing Energy-Q championship to honour the young minds on their Energy Quotient.

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