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Promoting spirit of Science through CSR

By Himanshu Sekhar Panigrahi It is heartening to see that the spending by corporate sector of India on CSR is getting increased year by year....

CSR can be optimal if executed throughout Supply Chain

By Himanshu Sekhar Panigrahi So far the vitality of CSR as a living and ever-evolving concept has been maintained across the globe. Since its origin the...

Maintaining Urban Biodiversity

By Himanshu Sekhar Panigrahi The increasing domination of nature by humans or the psychological separation of humans from nature is the root cause of biosphere...

SDF-based CSR: The New Standard for Mining Sector

By Himanshu Sekhar Panigrahi Despite the fact that mining has played a pivotal role in industrial and economic development of many mineral-rich countries, it is...

Climate Change Perpetuates Poverty   

By Himanshu Sekhar Panigrahi When any calamity, be it flood, cyclone, drought or earthquake, hits any part of the globe, it is the poor people who...

Increasing Role of Private Sector in Sustainable Development Goals

By Himanshu Sekhar Panigrahi In order to build upon the attainments of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and address their unrealized agenda, the UN has developed,...

Need of CSR intervention to combat climate change

By Himanshu Sekhar Panigrahi Without exaggeration, climate change has the potential to be the greatest rebellion in recorded history. It is the rebellion of matter or...

CSR in Odisha: a look at the White Paper

By Himanshu Sekhar Panigrahi It is really heartening to witness the release of the white paper on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Odisha, the first of...

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